RE/MAX property fair announced for Singapore in 2015

Michael Davoren, Managing Director of RE/MAX Australia and RE/MAX New Zealand announced an inaugural Asia-Pacific RE/MAX Property Fair for the franchise in Singapore for early 2015, bringing together agents from ten regions to establish and cement relationships.

The appetite for Australian and New Zealand property remains high from the majority of Asian countries not China alone.

The RE/MAX reach through the Asia Pacific Rim encompasses ten countries with Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Guam, South Korea, China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

When leaders from throughout the region met in Manila earlier this month, all agreed the opportunity for our broker owners and associates to have face-to-face time would best cultivate ongoing relationships and best satisfy the relationships needed for successful international real estate transactions.

It is well accepted that relationships are built on trust. This extends to real estate and business in general, and there is no better example than the way business is done in Asian countries.

As real estate consumers seek agents they trust, who understand their culture and their language, the consumer is more likely to first form a relationship with an agent in their own country.

RE/MAX, as a global entity, has the structure and great network of agents throughout the Asia-Pacific Rim to enable the next stage: the relationship between agents, across countries. The consumer is transported into the broader market, based on and supported by established bonds.

Strong relationships and networks across the Asia-Pacific Rim firm up business outcomes in all sectors including residential and commercial sales and property management, and project marketing.

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