RE/MAX Australia Launches True Global Real Estate Listing Site

The first truly global online real estate resource, with hundreds of thousands of home listings in more than 85 countries, global.remax.com has now launched in Australia.

The new site serves as a complement to remax.com.au and it revolutionises the way consumers search for properties to buy and rent around the world. RE/MAX agents are able to show their sellers how buyers can view their properties in their native language and currency, regardless of where they are located along with exposing their clients properties to a worldwide audience.

“We make our customers our priority, and they told us they needed a comprehensive resource for international properties,” said Michael Davoren, RE/MAX Australia Managing Director. “We’re seeing an increasing number of foreign buyers looking for property in Australia and vice versa. global.remax.com is essentially a one-stop source for residential and commercial real estate, no matter where you live. Australia is now a focal point in the global real estate market and historically our industry has been a little non-engaged in that space, especially considering more than 1 in 5 people in Australia do not have English as their first language at home” Michael commented.

The new site simplifies the home search for consumers and adds a tremendous level of value to the process. Translatable in over 31 languages in more than 85 countries, the global site also includes a World Property Channel news feed for the latest news and events along with and a currency converter that activates when a specific language is selected which enables visitors to check prices in 31 currencies.

“Consumers have an appetite for a website that gives them not only the home listings from around the world, but in their own language and in their own currency,” said Michael Davoren. “The real estate market is truly global and buyers are no longer just looking in their own cities, they’re looking for homes half a world away and global.remax.com is delivering.”

“This is a huge benefit for all RE/MAX Australia Associates because it means more exposure for their listings to consumers around the globe at no cost, as well as more opportunities for cross-border RE/MAX referrals.”

The launch into Australia follows after the new global site toped over 18 Million Page Views in less than Six Months after it’s launch overseas.

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