REI Super Announces New Insurance Offering for Real Estate Agents

“Following a detailed review and research into our insurance arrangements and the needs of our membership – over 32,000 real estate agents, property managers and staff we have made several enhancements to our insurance to significantly benefit current and new members” said Chief Executive Officer of REI Super, Mal Smith.

“As an Industry Super Fund we are constantly looking for ways to provide superior services to our members and the premiums for our insurance are very cost effective as they are commission free.In particular we are pleased to offer increased cover for part time employees as many women working in real estate do so on a part time basis, whilst balancing family responsibilities and we recognise the importance of providing cover to these members.”

The main changes to REI Super’s insurance are:

  • Doubling of the maximum level of Life and TPD cover to $2,000,000
  • Doubling of the automatic level of cover for new members without the need for health evidence
  • Doubling of the level of cover available without the need for health evidence
  • Introduction of ‘life events cover’ additional cover when members get married, start a family, purchase a house without the need to supply health evidence
  • Change in the shape of the cover for members on a life stage scale to better match ‘peak debt’ years when real estate professionals are most vulnerable financially
  • Total and permanent disablement cover now available for casual and part time staff

REI Super also continues to offer salary continuance cover (income protection) for members up to $240,000 pa including commissions.

More information is available at www.reisuper.com.au or by emailing bdm@reisuper.com.au

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