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Recruitment Results: Success Is A Two-Way Street, RECD

Sometimes we need a reality check about our business, our expectations and ourselves when it comes to attracting and securing talent. Part of this checklist includes the hiring process, says Melissa Karatjas of recruitment firm RECD. “The hiring process is something that is actually taking place daily in your business, especially if you consider that each and every day you review, develop and form a vision for what the people in your business should look like,” says Melissa.

MelissaRECD’s difference is their understanding of both the need for cultural fit as well as skill-set to ensure that all members of the team are happy and productive; this is proven to lead to real results. Melissa continues, “Our 360-degree approach really does ensure that we fully understand our clients, their roles and the candidates to make sure that we make the right match.”

One of the keys to getting this right is to know yourself and your business, and that is where RECD can help. “If you want to attract a particular type of employee, they need to be attracted to you and your business as well. We help hold that mirror up to our clients and our candidates and set the correct expectations; not to ‘do a deal’, but to help both parties find the perfect fit. Success really is a two-way street,” says Melissa.

If you are looking to grow your team with the right people, come and talk to RECD at ARPM 15, or visit recd.com.au.

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