realAs Technology May Shake Up The Real Estate Industry

‘The realAs price’ has the potential to change the way Australians search for and buy homes. It’s the product of a revolutionary new app that predicts how much a home will sell for (on average, within 5% of actual sale prices) while it encourages buyers to exchange views about homes they have seen.

The app’s core functionality is its learning algorithm that grows more accurate as more people use it. The algorithm has been developed over three years by computer scientists at RMIT University.

realAs is backed by a stellar team of investors. Cofounded by Australia’s first buyers’ advocate, David Morrell, realAs has the backing of an impressive board of respected Melbourne identities from across real estate, law, sport, digital and marketing, including Morrell, Andrew Newbold, Jeremy Press and Josh Rowe.

“It’s a very smart algorithm that listens to buyers… it understands what’s a good property, it understands what’s a bad property and it understands what the property value is”, says Morrell.

For investors, realAs provides a critical data point regarding accurate sale price predictions.

For more information visit realAs.com.

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