Reader Profile: Maree Quinn

Maree Quinn is the manager of the sales team at Little Real Estate in Springwood, Queensland. She is a self- confessed animal and pet lover who knits beanies for homeless people in her spare time. She loves her career in real estate, because she gets to meet so many ‘amazing in an everyday way’ people.

What motivated you to get into real estate?
Having worked in the not-for- profit sector, in 2001 I decided I wanted to make a profit for myself! But I do love my job because I get to be part of people’s lives during a time that is so open to possibility, with the accompanying challenges that come with any great change.

I think our role as agents is so much more than it can appear to those outside the industry; those of us in it know the mental and emotional fitness we need to provide our clients support, problem-solve and balance competing priorities.

How did you get started?
I was living in inner Brisbane at the time so I spent the formative years of my career experiencing a property boom first hand, learning auction skills and marketing techniques. Most of all I was fortunate to have a wonderful mentor, Jim Midgley. As our Sales Manager, Jim took a team of rookies to a level of ability that was astounding in an industry where so often it comes down to ‘there’s your desk and phone, get going’.

How do you define success?
Personally, I define success in terms of client satisfaction rather than dollars. At times I think the focus on being a million-dollar agent is putting the emphasis on the aspect that the general public perceives as compromising our integrity. If we were all measured by referrals, repeat business and client perception of outcome we would see less of the ‘sold in a day’ and more of the ‘bit of a struggle, but the client is satisfied with the market outcome and chuffed with the service’.

What or who inspires you?
I’m so proud to be part of a company that is making the same investment in staff development and support that I received. I started with Run Property late in 2013, doubling the sales team from one to two. Now twelve months later, as part of Little Real Estate, I have a team of five and we are still keen to find people with enthusiasm and resilience. I can teach skills; what I can’t change is attitude or motivation, which is an intrinsic part of an effective salesperson. Seeing the excitement of a first listing or a great result in the eyes of a newbie is brilliant. I’m really proud of our team and the culture we are building.

Something you couldn’t live without?
Despite my age, I’m all over new technology, putting the Gen Ys to shame. I have a gazillion apps, iPad, iPhone and I pay a virtual assistant to maintain my Facebook pages. I love that I remember the days when index cards were the CRM and floor plans were cutting edge!

What are your thoughts on the changes to legislation in Queensland last year?
I’m pleased to see the great outcome of all the work Antonia Mercorella and the REIQ have put in to improve the day to day foundations of our roles. The new legislation is well considered and puts the protection of our vendors front and centre, which is as it should be.

What do you enjoy most about Elite Agent magazine?
Prolific learning is so important in real estate. While often it’s a case of old is new again, importantly by listening to the wisdom and experiences of others it can be a case of ‘I used to do that’ which reinvigorates and recharges. That’s where podcasts, CDs, training events and industry magazines like Elite Agent are so valuable.

What advice would you give someone just starting out in real estate?
Real estate is about delayed gratification, persistence, repetition and activity. Don’t stop!

Words to live by
One of my favourite quotes is “When the student is ready the teacher appears”, so if we remain students of our craft the sky is the limit.

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