Ray Fayad – Laing & Simmons Parramatta and Granville

In 2011, Ray Fayad was the recipient of Laing & Simmons “Hall of Fame” Award. This prestigious honour is only awarded to an elite group of franchisees, that achieve consistently over a minimum of 5 years in several areas: business results, community commitment, innovation, supporting the brand, as well as involvement in Franchise events.

Ray, congratulations on your award. How did you first get into Real Estate?

Well I was originally a photo media major at University, and was starting my career putting together corporate TV Commercials and things like that.I had a pretty serious fall while shooting a music video, and at the same time some of my family members who are builders decided they wanted to open a Real Estate Office. I managed to get some experience in everything, starting as a personal assistant, I did some time in property management, as well as developing a passion for sales.Over time I just grew to love both people and property – and all different types of property.I love architecture and design.

Tell us what you love about your local area.

I love the Parramatta and Granville areas because of the different types of properties available, including the many manyheritage-listed properties in the area. There are some challenges that come with heritage listings, generally property facades cant be changed, if the property needs to be upgraded it must compliment the history of the property. Sometimes we also employ a heritage consultant to ensure we get the best results for our clients.

What do you think differentiates your Agency?

We handle sales and property management in both residential and commercial.We have two offices that work closely together and I think this has been the key to our success. I have a partner that oversees both property management and admin, whereas I tend to oversee the sales departments.With property management, we started with residential, but now we also have a good commercial rent roll, which we expect will continue to grow.

What do you love about the industry?

The sky is the limit – you get what you put in – without limits.The biggest challenge, as I recall, was actually starting the business; once you take that first step, it gets a whole lot easier.

What was the most memorable property you have ever listed/sold?

The most unusual was that we once sold the “smallest house” in Granville years ago, dubbed the “dolls house”.It was smaller than a caravan, the ceilings were no more than six foot tall.Built in the 1920’s, it had tiny rooms and was on a very small block of land.As I recall, the buyers were also quite small!

What are the key features in maintaining healthy client relationships?

Communication, followed by offering first class service.You should listen carefully to your clients and act on their needs. We communicate with our vendors the exact amount they want us to.

It’s a bit like going to a restaurant, and seeing how the waiter treats you.A good waiter will pay attention to the type of client you are, and be attentive when needed, but leave you in peace to enjoy the experience at other times.And this experience makes all the difference as to how you will feel when you leave the restaurant.

With vendors, it’s much the same.Keep them up to speed, but don’t talk to people just for the sake of it – listen more than you speak.All clients are different, some people don’t want to be bothered.My advice would be to really know your customer. Some agents fear communication because of worry that they will have nothing to say. However, if you are actively working on a particular property there are so many things you can talk about. When you’ve given them too much information, they will tell you.By then hopefully you have sold the property!

What advice would you give someone starting out in Real Estate?

If you are not passionate about people, property and doing deals…don’t start!You have got to be a people person, and get along with people – be interested and passionate on all of these things.

Do all the training you can, tell everyone that you’re in Real Estate – its amazing how many people will give you a go when they know your in the business.Seventy per cent of our business is word of mouth, from my network, from people I have dealt with in the past.Now is the time to use some of the social networks that the younger generation have built up, some of my team have thousands of friends, so spread the word!

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