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Radical Influence with Julie Masters

Video Length

60 minutes

What You’ll Learn:

There’s no question we are living in radically different times. The economic and business landscape is ever-changing – and uncertainty is at an all-time high. During times like these, when information is unavailable or inconsistent, and when people feel unsure about what they know (or anyone knows) our behaviour changes.

What happens next is a dramatically increased human desire for transparency, guidance and certainty. So what do these changes mean for real estate professionals? It means more than ever we are looking towards the trusted authorities.

The advisors who stand out by helping us to navigate the path forward. However, this radically new world also requires a counter-intuitive approach:

In this webinar, influence expert Julie Masters discusses

  • The shift from building the largest possible network – to nano-influence; focusing on the smallest viable target market and going deep.
  • Forgetting traditional marketing – and instead of developing a ‘relentless question radar’ in order to become the primary translator of your space.
  • Why the most compelling authorities double down on storytelling – and how Netflix has changed the game of attention in two pivotal ways.
  • Why being seen without all the answers is actually the key to developing trust – and how to navigate those conversations with clarity and certainty. 
  • How chaos removes our attachment to perfection – and why process and courage are more powerful.

Side note: If you enjoyed this video Julie Masters is running a small mastermind group (limited to 15 places) which starts early September 2020 find out more here.

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