Property Data Now Available from Your CRM Dashboard

‘Always be working your database’ is the clear message from most of the top agents today. But it is important to make sure that you have the tools to do so.

Agentbox is a cloud CRM system that has been designed by real estate agents for real estate agents – so that you have access to all of your data in a hassle-free, single place even while out of the office. And now the team at Agentbox have developed a next generation feature that enables richer prospecting: the integration of property data from CoreLogic RPData directly into the system.

Agentbox Managing Director Eddie Cetin said, “Typically an office would have a CRM system and a data company that sit separately to one another. What we have done is to integrate the data information from CoreLogic right into the software real time. This allows our customers to do all sorts of mapping and tracking of what is going on in their marketplace at any given time.”

This new integration means that when a user is looking at listings or past appraisals, or even properties that are not yet for sale, the relevant information is always to hand.

Continues Cetin, “This new functionality is really about making agents more efficient and to focus the number one dollar productive activity they need to be doing. Not all CRMs are the same. With Agentbox you can easily filter different listing prospects and perform a mail merge of their information; and this automates the process of getting a marketing campaign easily out the door, something which we think we do really well.”

“The other thing is about having a good clean database. We are very much about data integrity and our software is about offering our customers a system that doesn’t allow duplicate properties or contacts that create extra work and hassle in the long run. And the property data integration right to the core of the CRM just puts so much more prospecting power into our customers’ hands.”

To find out more about how you can enrich your prospecting with the Agentbox CoreLogic data integration, visit agentbox.com.au.

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