Professional Photography is Essential

A recent survey of over 600 Australian real estate agents by national property photography company Top Snap, which asked a range of questions about property marketing, has revealed some interesting results, with 99 per cent of respondents declaring property photography as their most essential tool for successful property marketing.

Other marketing tools agents also consider important are black and white floor plans (84 per cent of agents), followed by site plans (67 per cent), copywriting (65 per cent), virtual tours (63 per cent), virtual furniture (56 per cent), textured, coloured or furnished floor plans (56 per cent) and interactive floor plans (53 per cent).

Property video proved to be a less popular tool, with only 21 per cent of agents currently using it. Of those not currently using it, only 37 per cent said they are likely to start doing so in the next 12 months.

Talking about the importance of professional photography, respondents said that in addition to enhancing a home’s presentation, it also attracts more buyers (89 per cent of respondents), increases enquiries (79 per cent) and clicks on internet campaigns (68 per cent). Fifty-two per cent found it helped secure a higher selling price, as well as driving competition for a property (40 per cent).

Agents cited a range of other benefits gained from professionally photographed listings, including:

  • Helping to improve and maintain their personal agent profile
  • Giving them an advantage over competitors not using professional photography
  • Presenting the agency as a professional outfit with quality listings, thereby helping them win future business
  • Satisfying the vendor that their home is being marketed as professionally as possible
  • Freeing up the agent to focus on selling the property

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