Open Your Eyes To A Career In Real Estate

For every person who enters the real estate industry and carves a notable career, many others never make it beyond mediocrity. How do you know if you’ve got the ‘right stuff’ to be a star? Story by Bill Robertson.

If you’re contemplating a career in real estate, it helps to fully understand the skills and personality traits you’ll need to thrive and succeed. After all, like any profession there are challenges: the hours can be long with late nights and weekend work, and employment can be subject to a fluctuating market and intense competition. But if you go in with your eyes wide open, you’ll discover an incredibly satisfying career where you get to help clients with important decisions such as buying, selling or renting a home or investment property. All it takes is confidence within yourself, dedication and a commitment to deliver exceptional customer service.

Secrets to Success
Success is entirely up to you. Being a real estate professional means setting your own schedule and being your own boss. But success is also linked to being a team player and making the most of professional relationships within your business surroundings.

Among many traits of successful professionals the following are essential:

  • speak well but listen extraordinarily well
  • maintain a positive attitude
  • have the ability to overcome resistance
  • are confident and project to others that they are confident
  • have the skills necessary to get the job done
  • are hooked on training and learning new ideas
  • enjoy being in the company of successful people
  • enjoy being in charge of their own destiny

Why do some people fly in a real estate career and make the kind of dollars they dared dream about, while others, with the same training, support and direction, remain like the average — ie working long hours and earning and achieving little?

How can two people — given the same education, age and background; employed by the same office with the same training and support achieve completely difficult results ie one person ‘flies’ and quickly performs so well, while the other fails to get anywhere and resigns? The answer comes down to having the right attitude.

What constitutes the ‘right stuff’?

  • Are you a people person, a good communicator, comfortable with people and they in turn comfortable with you?
  • What is your sales style? Never been in sales? …. really, you have been in sales all your life, but just never realised it!
  • How is your pride and self-esteem? Are you proud of your current achievements ie family, children, academic qualifications, business, sports etc. Do friends and people in the community look up to you?
  • Are you self-motivated? Can you get yourself going without having to rely on others?
  • Are you good at setting personal goals? Do you know exactly what you want to be doing in one year, three years, five years? Do you have goals right now that you look at and measure regularly?
  • Are you professional in your approach to all you do? Again, sport, academic qualifications and business? Do you dress and talk professionally?
  • Are you proud of your ethics and honesty? Do people know you as a trustworthy and reliable person?

Do you notice something? Most of the items listed above are traits, not skills. Traits are part of you — whilst skills can be taught.

Learning the ropes
Through the years, there have been countless books, manuals, DVDs, and videos on how to be successful at the business of listing and selling real estate properties. These will certainly help you but if you can, it pays to learn on-the-job from the Principal or Sales Manager. Or if their time is limited use your initiative, watch and ask lots of questions.

To help steer you in the right direction, there are many common traits that will help you develop a rewarding and long term career in real estate.
When beginning your career, what is needed to be successful at both listing and selling? It is the need to:

  • want to be successful.
  • be motivated and committed.
  • be positive in your approach to a career in sales
  • have in-office training, mentoring and support.
  • have excellent supervision.
  • have excellent real estate tools and systems.
  • feel part of the team.
  • have a professional real estate environment.
  • realise you are in business for yourself with applicable long hours.

Based upon the above outline, the main reasons for a new person being unsuccessful in real estate sales seem to be that they:

  • are not really focussed on being successful.
  • are not motivated and committed.
  • are negative in their approach to a career in sales.
  • are not interested in being trained, mentored and supported.
  • did not realise that they are in business working long hours for themselves.

That’s why a career in real estate is not for everyone.
There is no clear profile for a successful sales agent relating to education or experience. Individuals who have the traits and skills necessary for success in real estate sales can be found everywhere — you could be one of them.

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