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Quality time management separates a good agent from a great agent? Obvious as this may seem, the tendency is to focus on the ‘Here and Now’ and not give serious thought to tomorrow, never mind next year. In this article Peter Livanes takes a look at how incorporating training into your everyday professional planning pays long terms dividends.

In a recent meeting my colleagues and I were asked to brainstorm words and phrases we thought best described real estate agents. Among the many words and phrases generated, a common theme emerged: real estate agents are time poor.

This got me thinking, was this just our perception, or is time management what separates a good agent from a great agent? And if so, how do the great agents fit education and training into their busy schedules?

There is no denying that real estate is a highly competitive and fast-paced industry. On any given day, real estate agents are busy prospecting, listing properties, dealing with buyers and sellers, building rent rolls, explaining contract items to clients, coordinating inspections and reviewing documents. All of these tasks take time and create many different deadlines which must be balanced and met daily. And with record numbers of new agents entering the industry each year, the competition is getting ever tougher.

“There is no denying that real estate is a highly competitive and fast-paced industry.”

So it’s imperative that agents take the time to understand their market and the competition.
Education is a simple way for agents to set themselves apart in what is a cluttered and highly competitive landscape. Having superior knowledge of the industry is not only vital to an agent’s reputation and ongoing career success, it also allows them to better help clients with contracts, negotiations, closing processes etc.

At Kaplan, we’ve noticed that the best agents want to be educated and continue to develop their skills through training. They tend to be learners; people who are engaged and curious about their profession, and who are constantly looking for new training and development opportunities.
It’s all just a question of time.

Finding time for training can be a real challenge for most agents, whether they’re looking to up-skill, meet Continuing Professional Development requirements or keep up to date with the market and new legislation, laws and technologies. In particular, taking time off work to sit in a workshop is just not practical for many agents.

But it’s also no longer necessary.

“With the recent advancements in technology, education and training is no longer confined to the classroom.” These advancements have opened up new and interactive ways for agents to study when and where they choose, making it easier to juggle work and education. So not having enough time is simply not an excuse anymore.

Globally, Kaplan is at the forefront of online education and has pioneered major advancements in online and mobile learning over recent years. In Australia we’re leveraging this expertise and technology to deliver online training programs that are both innovative and flexible, allowing students to study anywhere in the world.

So far, we’ve found the majority of agents have embraced online training and education, as it gives them the ability to fit study into their busy schedules. Conversely, some agents are still not fully aware of the options available to them, and in some cases, are even skeptical about the benefits of online education.

Whichever side of the debate you favour, the reality is that technology will continue to advance and transform the classroom, opening up new and exciting opportunities to learn. So it’s time to embrace online education and stop putting off training because you think you can’t fit it into your schedule. After all, shouldn’t agents be prepared to invest time in themselves to enable them to become the best agent they can be?

Pete Livanes is an Account Manager with Kaplan Professional, a leading national provider of real estate training. Kaplan Professional offers high-quality registration, licensing and continuing professional development programs. They have also recently launched an online CPD program that makes it faster, more flexible and more affordable for agents in NSW and WA to earn their CPD points.

For more information about Kaplan Professional visit www.kp.edu.au/Real_Estate., or to talk to Pete about your training needs contact him on 02 9908 0285.

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