New Raine & Horne Mobile Website launched

Real estate franchise Raine & Horne has launched its next generation mobile website, hoping to put more buyers into their dream homes than ever before.

The new mobile offering delivers responsive iterations of the popular Raine & Horne residential, commercial and rural websites, allowing them to be viewed on tablets and mobile phones.

Raine & Horne mobile site“Our new residential, commercial and rural mobile sites have been optimised as property portals for people on the move, and the novel ‘Find an Agent’ function allows users to search for an office and also a sales agent or property manager,” says Angus Raine, Executive Chairman and CEO of Raine & Horne.

The mobile sites also come with additional and innovative functionality such as the ‘Seen’ function, a feature that Mr Raine believes is unique to Raine & Horne.

“The ‘Seen’ feature is designed to make it easy for someone to find a property they may have noticed while travelling by motor vehicle, without even needing the exact address.

“By simply entering the name of the street where they saw the property, mobile users are presented with a list of properties located in streets bearing that name, regardless of the town or state.

“In most cases, this will return just one property, but if by coincidence there is a Raine & Horne property listed in a street of the same name in a different town or state, the user can easily select the property of interest from a short list,” says Mr Raine.

Mr Raine says the ‘Seen’ function has been given the green light by Raine & Horne’s agents, after the idea was conceived in-house by Raine & Horne’s IT and Marketing teams.

“Some of our competitors use standard geo-location technology, but to use this feature, a buyer must be located near to properties he or she is interested in,” says Mr Raine.

“We believe that the ‘Seen’ function will link many more buyers with properties that, given the hustle and bustle of modern life, they might either fail to inspect or forget about entirely.

“The ‘Seen’ feature has the capacity to grow the potential buyer footprint for every property listed with Raine & Horne, which is always music to the ears of vendors.”

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