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“If it ain’t broke; don’t fix it,” is a delightfully Australian idiom that requires no explanation. However, if the flight of estate agents from the industry is any guide, something does indeed need fixing on the home selling front. It’s happening across the board, but in Queensland and Western Australian in particular agent numbers have slumped as a consequence of a nationwide drop in transaction volumes and property prices.

Property marketing pioneer, Steve Basin says this is yet another reason for the industry to look for better ways to sell and lease property. “It – the current system – is broke. Despite the lacklustre market conditions, technology now offers agents and vendors a better way to sell their property and investors a better way to attract the right tenant.”

Steve Basin, a licensed real estate agent and author of the book Get Results You Deserve, says his platform augments the major real estate portals as well as agents’ own websites, to allow the property owner direct participation in the marketing of their property.

Steve Basin said “Agents can genuinely add value to their service. They will do their professional work with the vendor, but now with iPostcodes the homeowner can post fun and relevant facts about their home that no one but them would think to share.”

“Why? Because people purchase a home for lifestyle not only shelter. We buy with emotion.”

The real estate industry is doing it tough. Not only are volumes down but prices too, which means that agent commissions are likely to be down by about the same amount.

The pain is being felt by vendors too who would be very keen to see their listings given “more life”. Basin says iPostcodes helps agents and vendors get ‘better’ results. “Buyers and renters don’t enjoy scrolling through dozens of listings reading the same boring descriptions. That’s an absolute time waster. Vendors do not like seeing their home sitting alongside 100 other look-alike properties.

“With iPostcodes the homeowner can bring “inside” knowledge to the table. Like telling potential buyers about that the great cafes and wine bars in the area or where to get a great family dinner. Or, some of those special features in the home that can help the property stand out from the crowd.

“It’s really a good time to be innovative.”

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