New Building Inspection Network a Game-Changer

Easy Path Inspections has launched a new way of buying building inspection reports that reduce buyers’ costs and make life a whole lot easier.

Having observed first-hand how costs can quickly mount up when purchasing a property, Darel McBride, founder of Easy Path Inspections, came up with an idea to make it cheaper and more efficient for everyone involved.

“Speaking to buyers, and from my own experience, it’s all too common to find the property of your dreams, spend money having it inspected and then to be pipped at the post by someone else,” McBride said. “What’s worse, at auction you get to see how many people have done the same thing and soon realise the amount of time and money that’s been wasted.”

He started talking to inspectors about creating a service that would help customers navigate the myriad of inspection companies and reports on offer whilst saving them money in the process. “Getting inspectors to openly advertise their prices was harder than expected. However, once they realised that this is exactly what the market wanted they soon saw the benefits both for the customer and themselves,” McBride added.

The real game-changer is the addition of a first-of-its-kind service, whereby customers allow their newly purchased report to be resold and earn cash-back if someone buys a copy of it.

“Reselling your report is a great way to minimise costs, especially in an uncertain purchase such as an auction. Copies are sold at a discount and the initial purchaser gets 30 per cent cash back – which makes the scheme very attractive as everyone gets to save money.”

McBride went on, “We recently had a customer in Sydney sell three copies of his report and earn 90 per cent back on what he originally paid, which was a significant saving.”

For more information, visit easypathinspections.com.au.

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