New App Unlocks The Market Potential of Energy Efficiency

Rising energy costs have the potential to change the property market, as buyers focus more on the running costs and energy efficiency of a home.

Now an Australian iPhone app is available that can rate the energy efficiency of a house in minutes, then store the information and compare multiple homes.

Called Eco Easy Home, the app allows buyers, sellers, renters and renovators to quickly assess a house’s individual energy efficient features – and see how they can be improved.

The app was developed by building industry professional John Civijovski in consultation with eco architect Gareth Cole.

Eco Easy Home was designed to fill the need for a tool that could unlock the potential value of energy efficiency. The problem was that most people involved in
the property market didn’t know where to start.

“With this app, users don’t have to know anything about energy efficiency,” John says. “They simply answer questions about the house, and the app calculates its efficiency.”

“It’s a complex area but we have broken it down into a simple interface that anyone can use. By using it regularly, you become familiar with jargon like orientation, insulation and thermal mass, which I think will be common terms in the property market in the near future.”

He sees an important role for real estate agents in helping buyers and sellers make the connection between energy efficiency and property value.

“I suspect agents have been reluctant to promote eco features because there hasn’t been an easy way to communicate them to buyers and sellers,” he says. “The Eco Easy Home app provides a common language between agents and clients.”

Eco Easy Home app is available from the App Store for $4.49. For more information visit www.ecoeasy.com.

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