Never Cold Call Again

‘Cold calling’ is the term used to describe prospecting by phone to people you have never spoken to before. Cold calling in and of itself produces mediocre results at best. But team that up with a marketing strategy for the long term, and suddenly phone calls present an attractive proposition. Carl Quested, director of AgentMail, explains more.

“The cold call is a necessary evil – you need to start the relationship somewhere. But whilst the puns and comparisons between real estate and dating are plentiful, it holds true that you wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) ask someone to marry you before you buy them a drink.

“Cold calling to generate listings works on a low hanging fruit mentality. With only around three per cent of the market selling at any one time, you can’t expect to get that many hits from a cold call. But when you build a strategy around the call that focuses on gathering intel, providing useful information and creating the start of a relationship – suddenly you’re on a real live date!

“I don’t recommend cold calling just to get listings – the numbers simply do not stack up. Of 100 calls, you can only expect three to five people to actually have an interest in what you are selling. But start creating a conversation around real estate, and you might find people open up some more.

“We have entered the telemarketing space, not to offer simply another way for agents to avoid making calls – but to provide a focus on relationship building and identifying the people agents need to be speaking with right now. Growing and nurturing, not churning and burning.

“For agents who have been considering adding a PA as their workload increases, this is a great stepping stone: to get effective calls made by professional, certified telemarketers.”

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