Myths about home staging – Part Two

In part two of her two part series, experienced home stager Janne Petrie exposes more of the myths on home staging.

4. Home Staging is Only for Vacant Property
No, absolutely not. Home Staging is for any property as it is about maximising the value of a property, not just about furniture and accessories. Firstly, it is ensuring the property is ready for the sale process, so all the repairs, cleaning, decluttering, etc are done. This adds value to a property before any ‘style’ is added and is essential for both occupied and vacant property. A stager can provide a consultation to the homeowner for this.

Beautiful presentation can be achieved in occupied homes using their own furniture. With any unnecessary clutter removed the furniture available, the stager uses their knowledge of space planning and design, with addition of accessories to create a beautifully presented and stylish home at a very affordable cost.

Occupied homes have been an area that has be neglected in the past, however it is such a large percentage of the properties that go on the market. I spend a large percentage of time in occupied homes and see the difference staging makes every time. Where in a vacant property we bring in furniture to add style to a home, in an occupied home having the owner’s furniture we create style with personality.

5.  Home Staging is just about adding a few accessories
This is a misconception which, I believe, is caused by the fact that when a property is staged it is the accessories that add the colour and designer touches, and that is what makes the photos appealing. Most of the staging work has occurred well before those final touches are added.

The consultation process has improved the property, decluttered and bought the property to a better standard. The stager will have arranged the furniture to maximise the space, ensure traffic flow is easy and reviewed the overall ambiance of the room. The choice of colour and accessories are considered and deliberate adding to the final appeal. A good stylist will have a wide range of cushions, art and accessories available to them to suit every need.

6. Home Staging is Decorating
Actually, it is the exact opposite to decorating! Decorating is about the homeowner’s personal taste and adding features that appeal to them. Although home staging does call on some of the design skills that decorators have, home staging is about appealing to the most likely buyer, neutralising personal taste and is selling the features of the property, not the furniture.

A professional stager will be fast, organised and know the best way to ensure that property appeals to the most likely buyer. They will be experts at what will add value within a budget and they will be able to view a property, consult, quote and style in as little as a week, with the actual styling of the property being completed in a day. Most of the work occurs in the design, sourcing and selecting of the furniture and accessories. This is a very different skill set to a decorator, although some businesses manage to do both.

8. Home Staging is Not Necessary when the Market is Hot
Sure, properties sell fast in a hot market, particularly when there is shortage of stock like it is at the moment. Question is, wouldn’t you want to get even higher offers for your vendor by creating even more interest in their property? Staging the property will create more interested buyers, higher offers and an opportunity to create a bidding war that will drive the sale price higher. The return on investment in this scenario can be quite phenomenal.

As home staging become more accepted, and it is with TV shows like The Block and Selling Houses Australia as well as many international shows strongly advocating the concept, it is a service that needs to be considered by Agents in all areas of Australia and every agent should have a stager that they can call upon. If the service is not currently in your area consider having someone trained, you will be amazed at the difference.

For more information on training see www.acsp.com.au.

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Janne Petrie

Janne Petrie is a Certified Staging Professional (CSP) and a co-principal of the Staging Professionals based in Sydney, Australia.