'The Accountability Collective'

Our goal is to help you get out of the busy work - and get stuff done, and get your life back. Even if you're in real estate!

'The Accountability Collective'

The Accountability Collective has been created to take your Transform skills up a notch or 10.

This is where we work with small groups (maximum 6-8 people) to help them sharpen their business, productivity and marketing skills in a safe and highly-focused business environment.

We’ve designed The Accountability Collective to be an incredible combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and group accountability which we know works.

And it’s the next logical step once you’ve completed one of our Transform programs. 

Why did we create 'The Accountability Collective'?

"One of the most effective things you can do to build better habits
is to join a culture
where your desired behaviour is the normal behaviour..."

- James Clear, Atomic Habits

And perhaps most importantly - we want to see you succeed!

John Doe

Your facilitator: Samantha McLean

If anyone understands what it means to follow your dreams, it’s Sam. Having learned first hand what it really takes to build a business – and have a life – Sam is passionate about helping others do the same.

Sam co-built Elite Agent from scratch with zero financial backing and is also a two-time winner of the prestigious Mumbrella Publish award for Business Magazine Editor of the year.

Before Elite Agent, Sam had a successful corporate career helping blue chip companies like Optus, Cisco, British Telecom and pitch for multi-million dollar deals.

As the driving force behind Elite Agent’s 30 day challenges – she is a passionate campaigner for business publishers to have a positive impact on the communities they serve.

With more than 14 years experience in the real estate industry – she now she is ready to roll her sleeves up and get to work with you!

Samantha is an amazing person to work with - her knowledge, sensibility and strategic planning skills have been a source of considerable growth and development in the company. She has a very level head and can readily "get to the guts" of complex issues and offer clear recommendations on the best pathway to benefit the business. An asset to the business - or any business she works with..."

Tony Rowe - My Real Estate Training

Your registration fee includes everything you need to really move the needle in your business right now

Your Investment $960

PS. That works out to be $160 per month (so a really awesome deal!)

Praise for Elite Agent

Elite Agent is an ecosystem of great content from industry experts and top performers delivered across a number of mediums. If you looking to learn, improve your performance, grow and / or lead in real estate or in life then you will almost certainly find what you searching for at Elite Agent. I recommend jumping in boots & all.
Robin Fick, @realty Gold Coast
"Elite Agent is not just a magazine - it is a complete news & learning centre for the real estate industry. With regular news updates, podcasts, and online learning opportunities - they are an essential requirement for anyone in the real estate industry - no matter what role you perform. "
Kylie King, Harcourts Port Macquarie
"The Team at Elite Agent are a breath of fresh air for our industry. Everything they produce (and they produce a lot of actionable content) comes from a willingness to help others. 5 stars."
Edward Smyth, Stewart & Smyth
Elite Agent is a professional community that is constantly being updated with real information, real industry news and down to earth, practical advice, motivation and tips. If you're in real estate of any kind, you need Elite Agent!
Heidi Howe, Harcourts St Helens
"Can not recommend Sam, Mark and the team at Elite Agent highly enough. Absolute unsung super stars of our industry and they don't even sell or lease property. Thank you Elite Agent !!"
Kylie Maxwell, LJ Hooker Queanbeyan

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