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Think you need to always be hustling to be productive in real estate?
Think again!

In this course we're going to bust some of the well-worn myths:

  • Why adding more (calls, marketing, people) isn't always the answer
  • A couple of big game-changers that will shoot your productivity through the roof!
  • How to break the 'real estate' cycle with your customers and get to know them as people
  • How to get downloads at light speed and really move your business forward
  • Re-engage past clients in several practical ways
  • Re-defining work and finding balance with the people that matter most
  • Where the future of real estate might be heading!

About the Author

Samantha McLean is the Managing Editor of Elite Agent and the Host of the Elevate Podcast. Having spent 20 years in blue chip corporate roles in senior level sales and marketing positions, Sam swapped the corporate suit for the entrepreneurial life as a boutique publisher.

In the real estate industry – and as an entrepreneur – you are constantly given the message that ‘hustle’ is the only way. This caused Sam a bad case of burn-out and as a result she started looking for better ways to achieve more with less.

This course is the result, and you can get access to it for FREE.

What past participants have said about the program

"I've got to tell you how much we have enjoyed your 28 day challenge and congratulations on that. And the huge amount of work, that's no doubt gone into putting this series together. I hope, all the other agents out there have had as much benefit from it as we have."
Lindsay Logan
Oxbridge Property Group
"The evolution program that you started this year was just been invaluable to us. I was on the beach on holidays when saw the first email come through, so started getting my mindset right from the 1st of January when that email that dropped into my inbox. We have so much momentum now that we didn't feel at the end of last year, but our hard work has paid off. So, thank you very much."
Joanne O'Reilly
Warwick Lifestyle Property

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