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We’re all looking for ways to build a brand and concepts that will have buyers and sellers queuing at our door. Dee Hoolihan explains why combining new technology with existing windows is the future of display marketing.

Every day we witness real estate marketing getting sharper and more competitive. Social networking is being embraced by the real estate industry, not just as a necessity but as a conduit to a new IT savvy market who utilise blogs, forums and You Tube as normal communication rather than the more traditional methods of print, press and television.

While traditional marketing methods and resources will remain in place for the foreseeable future, the changing face of real estate is allowing the consumer the power to choose who they would like to represent them when buying or selling, through a series of interactive options on offer like never before.

The old saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same but Tristan Lovell from Splash Displays claims this adage is about to be challenged. Mr Lovell, together with his brother Ilya operates the largest real estate specific digital window display company in Australia.

The growth and interest in digital display in the last five years since we commenced has gone from zero to 100 Tristan claims. Agents are realising that their marketing starts at their front window. A company’s window is now a really powerful marketing resource and if you add some interactivity, you have people, stopping and browsing at your front door, day and night.

It appears there is merit in this statement. Jon Bird, Director of Fruit Property Werribee, Adrian Wilson, Director of Wilson Property, Sydney CBD and Dominic Belfiore, Director Stockdale & Leggo Gladstone Park, have all invested in Digital Display and also the very stylish TouchScreen which allows pedestrian traffic to stop and interact directly with the screen. The common theme from these successful offices is they have increased foot traffic and increased listings. Their competitors are now also investing in the technology or alternatives to ensure their windows don’t look rundown and tired in comparison.

Some research quickly indicates that new growth areas and urban corridors are also recognising that vendors are choosing mediums that allow their property to be specifically marketed with cut through solutions while remaining affordable. In areas such as Werribee, Point Cooke and Oakleigh, agents claim the return on investment is well worth the initial outlay as Vendors see their property being advertised attractively and effectively 24/7 whilst home buyers can quickly view up-to-date digital display property information or operate the TouchScreen to quickly compile a shortlist of homes they desire.

Mr Lovell says they have the capabilities to write their software and design their hardware so it is fully compliant with the office or network’s image and brand. This is a really important element. he explains, because if you are going to invest in a digital display window, we want it to be showcasing both the office and the brand, so it really has to snap, crackle and pop!

Interestingly many of the large network award winning offices now operate Splash digital window displays. One such case is a large country office, The Professionals, Wagga Wagga. Paul Irvine, Director of The Professionals Wagga Wagga, is so impressed with his interactive TouchScreen, he made a video about it! By his own admission Paul is a massive believer in marketing both your brand and your office to your community.

Our business is positioned in a large rural and vibrant community and we give back to our community and in return they support us, but we have competitors like every other industry and our TouchScreen is a huge point of difference because it also allows me to walk people through the process or advertise complementary services on our screen that are relevant to our customer base. It’s certainly increased our market share but it also operates a bit like a community service!

It’s all new and exciting but there can be hiccups and tears if you don’t do your homework properly. Here are six main factors to be considered when investing in your digital display window. These have been submitted by agents who have achieved a successful result using digital display as their new, powerful marketing tool.

Before investing in a digital window display:

  • Consider what is the MAIN objective you wish to achieve by enhancing your business front.
  • Do the figures – estimate your monthly marketing budget so you know your financial abilities.
  • Invest the time educating yourself on what is available in digital display and what will suit your shopfront – every window has different requirements.
  • Evaluate your entire shopfront – do you need new signage, a new fascia or a ‘freshen up’ to enhance your new look?

When investing in a digital window display:

  • Make your choice based on the digital display company’s level of accountability to your industry and their ability to deliver service on time, on target.
  • Importantly, speak to agents who have installed digital display for a period of time, as they will have knowledge of products and experienced the level of follow up service and support.

Dee Houlihan is the Company Director of DeeVa Marketing, a boutique agency that predominantly services the real estate and associated industries. Her fifteen years of marketing real estate nationally gives her company great insight into the future of real estate marketing. For further information contact dhoulihan@deevamarketing.com.

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