Magnetic Attraction

Every neighbourhood has them and while theres certainly nothing wrong with the idea of the letterbox drop per se, its just what you leave as your dropping that really matters.

Alarmingly, statistics reveal that 90 per cent of letterbox leaflets hit the bin before they hit their targets. Watch an average suburban street on any day and observe the householder as he/she collects and scans the mail. The mass-market advertising materials usually get a cursory glance on the way to the recycler. Maybe the odd pizza discount coupon or major department store catalogue is salvaged. The majority of this expensive, mass produced advertising is really dollars down the drain as todays flyer may well be tomorrows trash. And yet, there is one simple and affordable marketing tool that holds a lot more value than an entire leaflet bundle. Literally and metaphorically, a marketing magnet weighs in well above the rest.
The answer is to magnetize

Once upon a time, magnetized marketing material was crudely simple-a piece of cardboard with a small and usually ineffective magnet glued on the back. If you were lucky, the magnet supported the boards weight-but rarely held any other papers. And often after a couple of weeks, the glue gave out and the cardboard began to deteriorate. So although this simple concept actually made its way into many homes, this material was often tossed out after a few months along with the cost efficiency.

The answer was to magnetize- and magnify-the concept.
Today, magnets are personally produced in an array of shapes and sizes designed to illustrate the essence of your business. Reproducing vibrant colours, original artwork and detailed photography is just one element of this sophisticated, high impact device. Most calendar style magnets utilize bold numbering, colour coding and shading to highlight holidays and special events. This at-a-glance information is invaluable to the householder and best of all, its home delivered to them at no charge! A well-designed and produced magnet is a durable business card that outlasts humble paper versions.

Advertising industry statistics indicate that 9 out of 10 flyers are disposed of while 9 out of 10 marketing magnets are retained. A calendar magnet, for example, will sit in front of potential customers for at least 12 months of the year. What other medium can get so up front and personal for the cost of lest than a postage stamp?

So lets consider the most obvious place within the home for a magnet -the refrigerator. The majority of family households have magnets holding up photos, report cards or shopping lists, and the fact is that these little mini-billboards are often added to a fridge without a second thought. That simple act has already accomplished what most companies spend thousands or even millions of marketing dollars to achieve. It’s called brand-name recognition; when the advertised company name ‘sticks’ in a customer’s mind. Studies have shown that an advertising message needs to be seen or heard at least five different times before it will achieve this type of recognition.

Now, consider this: Studies have also shown that the average family opens their refrigerator at least 20 times per day. If you were to distribute 2,000 magnets to your local area, they’d be seen up to 40,000 times every day. That’s better exposure than phonebook ads, radio spots, coupons, newspaper ads, billboards, Internet banners and television ads combined.

Linda Allen from Remax First Choice, Hornsby NSW is a firm believer in the power of the calendar magnet. Linda has consistently used them over the past few years as a means of boosting her business profile and personal recognition, distributing around 3,000 magnets each year through mailbox drops. Roughly two thirds of this number is mailed directly from her database and the rest are targeted zone mail drops. Many of my new clients are familiar with my face long before we meet, says Linda. They always remember that Im the lady on the magnet. Linda believes that calendar magnets are an essential part of drip system advertising, quietly yet consistently building familiarity. And aside from that, she claims, Theyre nice, big and flatthey can hold a lot of stuff!

While some agents happily use magnets as a means of strengthening their personal identity within the marketplace, others prefer a more generic approach in tune with the local area rather than focusing on one agent.

Kimberley Ward from Harcourts, Queensland uses local scenery as the calendar backdrop. It helps promote the beauty of the area, she said. And we can use the one design across the agency area spectrum. Cost effectiveness can escalate when generous discounts are offered by bulk ordering across agency affiliates. Kimberley has found that the magnets remain effective all year round, with clients still picking them up from the front counter well into the year. I guess if the magnet is good looking and of a good quality, its appeal is quite timeless, she said.

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