Loving the Lounge Room

Whether they are formal, private lounge rooms, or casual family rooms, this room is certainly an area that will need some love when your vendors are ready to sell.

Whether they are formal, private lounge rooms, or casual family rooms, this room is certainly an area that will need some love when your vendors are ready to sell.

To create a great lounge room, you need to create an atmosphere and feeling that will allow the perspective buyers to picture themselves living in there; if they can imagine themselves in the space, it creates an emotion, and as we all know, emotion equals purchase. It is essential to neutralise, clean, de-clutter, and refocus if you want to get it right.

Here are my top 10 tips for creating a lounge room that will be loved by all.

  • Pack away all unnecessary items of furniture. Leave only a few key pieces to highlight how the room is used, for example, the sofas, and television.
  • Pack away all of your personal items like trinkets, collections and photographs. Leave out only one or two key pieces that can be used for staging purposes, for example, a couple of vases and a nice piece of artwork.
  • Clean, clean, clean! This is my number one task for any room; it’s the most crucial step.
  • I recommend repainting the room if need be, using a neutral, warm colour to help create the right atmosphere. Remember, you are not decorating – you are “de-personalising”. Your goal is to create a room that will appeal to as many people as possible, not limit it’s potential!
  • Tend to any repairs; get carpets professionally cleaned, touch up any paintwork.
  • Ensure lights have the highest wattage globe allowable, and that all lights work; clean the switches.
  • If you have heavy drapery at the windows, consider removing them and make sure the windows are clean.
  • Find a focal point within the room, it could be a magnificent view or an inviting fireplace, and position your sofas to focus on it. If there is no obvious focal point, use the television as the main focus of the room.
  • Strategically place your remaining decorator items around the room, remembering less is more; you do not want to unnecessarily clutter the space.
  • Add a few cushions to the sofa, as well as a throw rug to give it a bit of texture and colour. Try not to use bold colours, stick to earthy neutrals.

If you are truly serious about making over the lounge room for sale, you might like to decide on a style for the room – for example, formal, casual, beach, or relaxed. This will dictate how the room will look and what style of furniture you need/use. Then you could purchase, hire, or use existing furniture to stage the room.

Lounge-rooms can also be formal or casual. The easiest way to create a sense of formality is to use symmetry. If one side of the room is the mirror image to the other, it gives us a sense of importance, sophistication, and grandeur. Use the technique of symmetry for rooms you want to be viewed as formal. Casual rooms are usually more laid back, where usually, anything goes!

Keep in mind too, that the lounge-room should not be too different from the rest of the house. You do not want to give a ‘disjointed’ feel; there should be a similar feel throughout the house.

Setting up the lounge-room should be one of the easier rooms in the house to prepare for sale. It is not as high on the make-or-break list as some of the other rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom, or front of the house, but if it is not up to scratch, it could cost you the sale, or thousands of dollars from your asking price.

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Kelly Quinn

Kelly Quinn is an Interior Stylist and Creative Director at Aspect & Element. Her passion is for helping ordinary people create extraordinary homes by using simple but effective techniques.