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I’m waiting for the start of ‘Howzat – Kerry Packer’s War’ on (Channel 9) as I write this. One of those intriguing men in business, he came from an interesting family (think Sir Frank), had his ups and downs (nearly died from polio), but obviously had an extreme talent for business and the media and departed the ‘virtual boardroom’ the wealthiest man in Australia.

His character portrayal in this series, like ‘Paper Giants’ (ABC) before it, shows a younger Kerry – not just as a smart businessman, but as someone who truly loved what he did. Yes, it’s easy to love cricket, and yes he had deep pockets. However, his personal success greatly eclipsed anything his father did, and I have to wonder whether he would have been so successful, or made so much money, if he didn’t have such passion for what he was doing.

I was debating with a friend a couple of weeks ago this very point. Should you do a job for love or for money? We both started in the Professional Services ‘System’ as undergrads; she became a Tax Specialist, I didn’t like numbers much and escaped into what I saw as more fun (Technology), and eventually ended up in Sales. She maintained that if you earned ‘good money’ it gave you the freedom to love what you do outside of work. I had to disagree. I’ve read a lot of Gary Vaynerchuck. Do something you love and the money will come. Why hate what you’re doing during the day just because it earns you more money? Don’t sail into the headwind; have the wind at your back and you’ll go a lot further.

The thing is I’m pretty sure if you love something, you are automatically more motivated to do the hard stuff. You are more determined to succeed. You’ll stay up late and get up early without thinking too much about it, even become a bit single-minded like Kerry Packer and his World Series Cricket. Like Steve Jobs and his iPod. And the list goes on. And – if you don’t make lots of money you will probably have had a much better time than if you didn’t enjoy what you were doing for a great percentage of your life!

What do I really love doing? Well I still love Sales and I still love to write. And, despite what you might think (with the exception of the people that I interview), I don’t actually get to write much for this magazine (an Editor’s role is a little different). But this issue I’ve gone back to what I love and written an article on something I’m pretty passionate about in Sales, and that’s about how to adjust your selling (translate: listing) style to suit different prospects. The premise behind this article is that you build rapport differently with different personality styles. If you’ve effectively built rapport, you don’t really have to ‘sell’ – and that’s the best possible position you can be in. Well, that, and loving what you do, obviously.

Also new this month — of course if you’re reading this you’ll notice that our website is really new.  I’ve created a little video to show you around a bit.

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.