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Listing presentation role play with Gavin Rubinstein

Video Length

16 min 41 sec

Gavin’s Bio

Gavin Rubinstein is a Director of Ray White The Rubinstein Group. He has been awarded the Number 1 Salesperson for the Ray White Group in 2015, and awarded the number 1 Salesperson across the state of New South Wales for Ray White consecutively for the last four years.

What You’ll Learn from Gavin:

  • The two-step approach when doing a listing presentation
  • The main points that you need to know to maximise the result of the property
  • Creating your marketing campaigns: you get what you pay for
  • About agents agreements and the commission fees
  • Knowing the value you’re bringing on the table as an agent
  • Proving yourself right and finding the fine line between confidence and arrogance.
  • Learning to evaluate situations during appraisals

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