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If you have been putting it off, Richard Hayden from Think Real Estate gives you six reasons you should get your full real estate agent’s licence.

The Code of Conduct is suggesting a salesperson that holds a Certificate of Registration is not a licence holder and is therefore not entitled to use the term “agent”.

Would you rather have this free search show you are a “salesperson” or a “licensed real estate agent”?

  1. You may call yourself an agent – but are you really an agent? In the last 10 years it has been fashionable for registered salespeople to call themselves “sales agents” or just “agent” and this has been reinforced by the media which does not distinguish between a registered salesperson and a licensed agent, so from the public’s viewpoint, everyone selling real estate is an “agent”.However, at least one State Government believes this could be misleading to the public as a person who holds a real estate agents licence has completed a course of study, which is far more vigorous than that of a person required to obtain a Certificate of Registration.The Queensland Governments’ Code of Conduct for real estate agents specifically warns real estate agents employing sales staff not to misrepresent that the sales staff are holders of a real estate agents licence.

    To quote the Code of Conduct; – “13. Representations by employees; A real estate agent must take reasonable steps to ensure that an employee of the agent does not falsely represent that the employee is the holder of a licence in relation to real estate agency, or falsely use a title that suggests the employee is the holder of a licence.”

    The Code of Conduct is suggesting a salesperson that holds a Certificate of Registration is not a licence holder and is therefore not entitled to use the term “agent”.

    The question to ask yourself is- are you misleading your customers and clients in inferring they are dealing with an “agent” who has completed the full licensing course and not a “salesperson” with a Certificate of Registration?

  2. The public can now check on your occupational status. At least two States offer the public a free search of the Licensing Database so potential buyers and sellers can search the occupational status of a salesperson.Would you rather have this free search show you are a “salesperson” or a “licensed real estate agent”?
  3. Professional Development – Recognition of Prior Learning.For a true “professional” in any industry, there is a desire for professional development and this is recognised by the Australian Government through the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF).This AQTF system ensures experienced sales staff can obtain their full real estate agents licence very easily by Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).RPL requires no classroom or distance learning, because you are assessed on what you already know and can do – your ”competencies”.

    For anyone who has been a salesperson for least three years it is a simple process to obtain assessment for the purpose of obtaining a real estate agents licence.

  4. Career Path – Becoming a Partner, Director or Owner of a Real Estate Agency. The pinnacle of the real estate profession is to have ownership of a real estate agency either as a director, partner, or sole trader and to achieve this, in most States, a real estate agents licence is required.
  5. New flexible business models based on the internet. Some industry experts are forecasting the demise of the typical real estate agency which will be replaced by sales staff working from their iPad or Tablet and using “The Cloud” on the internet for all “back office” activities and “Client Management Services”.This flexibility of the working environment naturally leads to the growth of “independent contractors” who cannot trade without holding a full real estate agents licence.
  6. New National Real Estate Agents LicenceA few years ago the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) proposed a National Licensing Scheme for certain occupations and the real estate industry was included in the first proposals for a National Licence.The Occupational Licensing National Law Act 2010 (the National Law) was passed by Victoria’s Parliament as host jurisdiction on Friday, 17 September 2010 with a planned introduction by July 2012.

    Whether this target date is met or not, National Licensing will occur and many salespeople are motivated to get their full real estate agents licence when National Licensing is introduced.

Richard Hayden has spent nearly 50 years in the real estate industry, selling houses in Essex UK in 1963. After developing a chain of five agencies with his partners, including a “One Stop Shop”, he joined AVJennings in 1972 as their Regional Marketing Manager in South Australia.In 1980, he became the Director of Trading for the REIQ and then went on to become the General Manager of the REINSW. Since 1989, Richard has been involved with Franchises including Century 21 as Regional Director and PRDNationwide as National Training Manger.He left corporate life in June 2011 and now is the Queensland’s Accredited Workplace Assessor and Trainer for Think Real Estate.

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