Knowledge Arms Buyers to Tackle Budget Blues, PRD Nationwide

When it comes to making sound real estate investment decisions in a challenging market, knowledge is power.

An appetite for information, greater insights and more relevant data from consumers has prompted PRDnationwide’s Research Department to prepare a comprehensive guide to all the factors currently influencing the property market. Entitled PRDnationwide Australia Economic Report First Half 2014 – the 15-page report is covers elements such as consumer confidence, home affordability, construction data, dwelling prices, unemployment, financial markets and demographics, amongst others.

According to National Research Manager Dr Diaswati Mardiasmo, this latest offering is an excellent resource for time poor property enthusiasts that want a succinct summary of the key indicators that influence the Australian Real Estate market.

“This publication has been specifically tailored to inform and educate first home buyers, market speculators, experienced investors and those with a burgeoning interest in the property sector that need fast-facts to support their investment decisions,” she said.

“We’ve introduced a ‘So what does this mean for you?’ component that takes cuts through the data and presents the key take-aways from each economic indicator in an crisp and concise summary box, which is perfect for those who get overwhelmed by too much information.”

“Additionally, an an easy-to-understand traffic light system that shows green if the indicator is strong, yellow if the investor should exercise caution around the indicator and red if the indicator has negative implications further enhances the reader’s visual experience.”

Dr Mardiasmo noted that the report should spark some genuine excitement amongst market participants as a more agile economy plants the fallout from the Global Financial Crisis firmly in the rearview mirror.

“This report is a detailed snapshot of the fundamentals that influence the real estate market and with 8 out of the 11 key indicators showing green, the outlook is positive for the second half of the year,” she said.

“It doesn’t matter if you are a casual market observer or a seasoned investor, the report gives you the knowledge required to make informed choices when faced with potentially lifechanging investment decisions, such as purchasing a property.”

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