Kick More Goals – Be Inspired!

Motivation is nothing compared to inspiration.

Here are 15 things you can do to find your inspiration and to become an inspiration:

  1. Create your personal goals, which include a list of things you’d like to accomplish in your lifetime. Both short-term and long-term goals are best. Read them daily.
  2. Create your business goals. Make sure they satisfy your personal goals. Read them daily.
  3. Write down what makes you different and better than your competition. Believe it fully and portray it to everyone you meet.
  4. Practice your scripts as often as possible. The better you know what to say, the more confidence you will have to say it and the more opportunities you will seek in order to say it.
  5. Tell everyone your specific sales goals for the year and keep them posted on your progress, both good and bad. Ask for help in accomplishing them.
  6. Buy a book of inspiration and keep it in your car. Read it daily. This is anything you find inspiring – Mother Teresa, a pro athlete, a great quote book, anything you know will brighten your mood when needed.
  7. Buy a composition notebook and write a journal or simply doodle daily. Be creative and allow yourself the ability to do anything. Do not censor yourself.
  8. Invest 15 minutes every day to watch clips and read books and articles about selling. Don’t skip a day. Learning from others is great, and learning something new is often one of the most inspiring things you will ever do, second only to teaching something.
  9. Invest 15 minutes daily to plan for the next day. There is nothing more inspiring than starting your day with a written plan of attack – your plan! Make this a daily habit and you’ll sell more in less time and have more fun doing it.
  10. Surround yourself with the best; hang around with the best in your business/industry. Model their habits and ask them for advice.
  11. Break up projects into smaller pieces. Then begin with the second most enjoyable activity and keep the most enjoyable until the end. The more smaller tasks you do, the sooner your big project will be completed.
  12. Get a coach. Successful people love helping others to become successful. But what is really most interesting is that the majority of successful people did not get there by themselves.
  13. Make time for your loved ones as often as possible. Ask them how you can make their life more successful and try to make that happen. In return they will try to make you as successful as possible.
  14. Listen to as many ideas as you can from everyone around you. Never limit yourself to your own thoughts and ideas. Ideas build and grow. Without a constant discussion about ideas you will stagnate.
  15. Implement only the best ideas. Don’t get caught in the details and planning and forget to implement.

Inspired people do extraordinary things. What is truly interesting is that they don’t search them out; the extraordinary will find you. The impressive sales numbers, the fame and fortune, these are all byproducts of all the little things. One of the key little things is inspiration – it allows you to use the focus and power to consistently do all the little things that make your skills better – and the people around you happier.

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Andy Herrington

Andy Herrington has been a full time real estate coach since 2008 and is currently the Director of Coaching at Powerhouse Coaching Inc.