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Keeping up Appearances: You Have 30 Seconds to Prove Yourself!

We can control how we portray ourselves to the customer. The idea is to start at a place that is most visible and allows for immediately recognised results. Wardrobe, grooming, and non-verbal communication are aspects that are apparent to the outside world. Combined, these factors can frame us as competent, knowledgeable, elegant, gracious, powerful, or anything else we choose to communicate. Social psychologists studying the impact of self image have determined it takes just thirty seconds for someone meeting you to form a whole laundry list of impressions about your character and abilities. The list of impressions encompasses:

  • Educational level
  • Career competence and success
  • Personality
  • Level of sophistication
  • Trustworthiness
  • Sense of humour
  • Social heritage

Half a minute doesn’t give you time to pull out your qualifications or showcase your portfolio. It doesn’t allow any time to explain that you have the talent, skills, training, as well as a substantial list of truly satisfied past customers.

In thirty seconds, people form all those different impressions based almost entirely on your clothes, hairstyle, smile, and the rest of your non”verbal communications. Although it may seem shallow, appearances do count.

These quick impressions can be lasting ones. Psychologists call it the halo effect. When your visual message is positive, the person you’ve just met will tend to assume that other aspects about you are equally positive. But unfortunately, if your visual message is negative, that new customer, client, co-worker, or prospective employer may not spend the time and effort to discover the talented person inside.

Tracy Stein of Ray White Terrigal says that it’s worth thinking about the picture you present. You need to convey that you are not just a good choice but their best choice. People will decide if they like you enough to proceed based on your handshake, your presentation, your mannerisms-and whether they connect with you, feel comfortable with you and even like you. It is a very short time to give a lot of information about yourself and something you really need to assess so that you understand exactly what impression it is that you are leaving people with. Here are some tips on how to improve your self image.

This is an essential part of a professional appearance. You have to take care of yourself and that includes making an effort to look good. Please note, that sentence didn’t say, Look Perfect. It said that you need to make an effort to look good.

What does grooming entail? It includes your hair, nails and teeth. That goes for both women and men. If you take care of the basics, you will make a great presentation to others. Get your hair cut/trimmed regularly in a style that suits you and is easy to manage.
Keep your nails to an average length and if you are a woman, only use subdued colour polishes. Save the bright red for your evenings out. Women, applying makeup so that it looks natural, yet highlights your best features, is what professionals expect in the workplace. As for your teeth, brush them, floss them and let the dentist have a look at them every 6 months. If need be, get them whitened. It is amazing how far a nice smile will take you.

You need to convey that you are not just a good choice but their best choice.
Tracy Stein, Sales Manager, Ray White Terrigal Avoca Group

Work attire
What clothes you wear to work depends much on the environment you work in. Take a look at what your contemporaries are wearing and dress to fit in. Keep your garments clean and pressed and remember that you are working to earn a living, not get a date. A professional appearance is of the utmost of importance.

You do not need to be able to run a marathon but some walking or light jogging (preferably in the mornings so your heart rate is increased for the day) will help you in more ways than you can imagine. For instance, you will have more energy and will be better able to cope with stressful situations. Sometimes a good sweat can be more invigorating than a cup of coffee.
Exercise will also improve your self image, it helps to counter depression and anxiety, you will be less likely to experience fatigue and it improves your ability to relax as you feel less tense.
Remember exercise does not have to be the same every time. If you are bored walking around the block, try swimming or cycling. Making an effort to look your best at work will offer many rewards, not the least of which is a boost to your self-confidence.

That balanced, professional look
Spend some time each week working on each of these areas until you are certain you have the balance and professional look that you are striving for. Each step will bring you closer to the person you really want to be. Self image is not just physical but mental as well. Having belief and confidence will also give customers assurance that you will be able to do what they have asked of you effectively. To gain self”belief and confidence you need positive thinking.

There are many ways a person can change negative thoughts and self”criticism to more realistic and positive thoughts. Focusing on all of them at once may be overwhelming, but focusing on a few at a time and reminding yourself of these positive approaches regularly can change your self”esteem. Here are some tips on how to raise self”confidence:

Avoid exaggerations
Correct your internal voice when it exaggerates, especially when it exaggerates the negative. Try to avoid thinking in extreme terms (I always make that mistake or I’ll never get that sale.)

Stop negative thoughts
Sometimes putting a stop on negative thinking is as easy as that. The next time you start giving yourself an internal browbeating, tell yourself to stop! If you saw a person yelling insults at another person, you would probably tell them to stop. Why do you accept that behaviour from yourself?

Accentuate the positive
Instead of focusing on what you think are your negative qualities, accentuate your strengths and assets. Maybe you didn’t sell the last property you were given, but maybe your hard work and perseverance made you close to closing a sale but it slipped at the last minute. Maybe you felt nervous and self”conscious when you were at an inspection, but maybe your boss and co”workers respected you giving it all you got.

Accept flaws and being human
Maybe you did get nervous and blow that sale-so what? Talk to your boss about what went wrong, try to address the error in the future, and move on. All people have flaws and make mistakes. Your boss, co”workers, friends, family, postman, prime minister, and favourite movie star have all made mistakes. They’ve forgiven themselves; so can you.
Accept imperfections

Perfection is a high goal to aim for-you don’t need to start there or even end there. Make doing your best your ideal ” what more can you realistically do? Focus on what you’ve gained from the process and how you can use it in the future. Avoid focusing on what wasn’t done or should have’ been done differently. Allow yourself to make mistakes and then forgive yourself. Try laughing instead of criticising. replace criticism with encouragement. Instead of nagging or focusing on the negative (in yourself and others), replace your criticism with encouragement.

Give constructive criticism instead of being critical (maybe if I tried to do that next time, it would be even better instead of I didn’t do that right.) Compliment yourself and those around you on what you have achieved (well, we may not have done it all, but we did a pretty great job with what we did.)

You don’t need approval from others to recognise your accomplishments

Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t

Avoid can’t thinking or other negative language. If you say something often enough, you may start to believe it, so keep your statements positive, not negative. Don’t be afraid to seek help in accomplishing things, but remind yourself that you don’t need approval from others to recognise your accomplishments. Focus on what you’re able to do. Remind yourself of all your capabilities and positive qualities. Good grooming, a healthy lifestyle and a positive outlook are the most important parts of your image and can be achieved in your own time and without cost, however, if you’re ready to invest in some snazzy image”boosters that will really make you stand out in a crowd, take a look at the car and watches we have reviewed. It is said that the car you drive and the watch you wear depict the type of person you are. If that is true, what will the BMW 1 Series and a Seiko watch say about you?
A timely investment in self image

Keen to make a positive first impression? Whether you want the classiest wrist around or need help to arrive at meetings on time, the value of a good watch cannot be underestimated. Sold Magazine reviews two classic timepieces from Seiko that state style and punctuality. Sporting sophistication is taken to a new level with two of the latest calibres from Seiko’s technically unmatched Sportura range. The Sportura Kinetic Chronograph and the Sportura Alarm Chronograph continue the fine engineering detail of the iconic sports watch collection. They are truly suited to a real estate professional.

Drawing inspiration from the high-octane world of motor sports, the two calibres are a superb fusion of style and performance. The sleek aerodynamic lines give the watch a modern look and features include scratch resistant sapphire glass (great for those with an active lifestyle), a screw down crown and easy to read dial.
With one of these on your wrist not only will you get to your inspections on time, you will get there looking the part.

The Sportura Kinetic Chronograph features Seiko’s revolutionary Kinetic technology; which uses self generated energy to power the watch. This means you never have to change a battery. A see”through case back allows the wearer to see the precision workings of the Kinetic Movement. To keep you on time, every time, the Sportura Alarm Chronograph is a must.

Seiko’s Sportura collection is available at selected jewellers and special retailers nation”wide. Call 1300 300 776 for their nearest premium Seiko stockist or log onto Seiko.com.au to view the range.
Sportura Kinetic Chronograph. Calibre 7L22

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Case: Stainless Steel + Black IP
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Glass: Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
Water resistance: 100M
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Sportura Alarm Chronograph. Calibre 7T62

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