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Is Your Website The Salesperson Of The Year, Or Just a Display Home?

Sam Fields is a Senior Client Manager with (SponsoredLinx,) a highly regarded and trusted Online Marketing Company and also has a history of working in the Property Investment and Real Estate industry. We welcome Sam to Elite Agent as a regular on various online marketing topics to help you build and generate leads online for your business.

There’s so much in the online game that is constantly changing. There are many topics to cover and I hope that each of my columns will contain some small gem which changes the game for you!

Firstly, lets talk about your website. Some websites are really great and their owners deserve a big gold star. For some of you though, you may see your website as something that costs a lot of both money and effort, and difficult to keep up to date.

I have dealt with numerous websites from numerous companies in the Real Estate/ Property game and lots of them had the same cumbersome and irksome traits. First, there was banners, blocks of text, and navigation all over the place. Second, there was only one page that had contact details and an Enquiry Form, to which I had to navigate to by clicking off the page I was interested in, thereby giving me an opportunity to leave. Even some of the bigger names in the industry have websites that perform terribly, mainly because it appears the website designer wanted to bombard you with all of the information anyone could possibly want ever in the history of real estate since the first rights to a cave were negotiated using the hide of a wooly mammoth as down payment.

Imagine your best salesperson arriving on site at an open house in a brand new Mercedes Benz, gorgeous tailored suit, hair perfectly coiffed, gold watch, the kind of person that puts you at ease when it comes to buying a property because they clearly know what they are doing. As he begins to escort the potential buyer through the property, he stops and details the type of cement used in the foundation of the letterbox, explaining how sturdy it is and how it also doesn’t affect the quality of the grass, which, by the way is a mixture of buffalo and… whatever. This is information that causes the buyer to become frustrated, having already spent fifteen minutes learning about the process of stencilled paving before even opening the property door, they’re already sick of the property and the salesperson.

Or look at it a different way. Your website is the Display Home Open House. Your potential buyer walks in, there is an information pack on the kitchen bench with page after page of information about the current property market in Australia, pictures of properties from other parts of the country, blogs about the trends in sales prices, everything a person would need to know IF they were thinking of potentially purchasing a property. There is a card stapled to the back of the info pack, with a Salesperson’s details on it, granted, but no Salesperson to answer questions. The potential buyer walks out with none of their questions answered and, while they may find the house appealing, they don’t contact the Salesperson. If you employed a Salesperson that sat out the back while people inspected a property, without at least gaining their contact details, how quick would they be searching for their next position of employment?

If I am looking for your product/ service, you need to make it easy for me. Please. I practically live on the Internet, which means I can have what I want when I want it, and if I can’t get it when I want it, I’m off to find someone who will. In the case of Real Estate websites, its so competitive out there that your website as a lead generator can really be a point of difference.

Stand apart. Be the simple website. Be the direct website. Be the clean and easily navigatable website. Be the website who, if it were a salesperson, asks the right questions and answers them with no fuss. Be the website that has a Contact Us form on EVERY PAGE. I want to talk to someone, make it easy for me to do so.

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Sam Fields

Sam is a Senior Client Manager with Sponsoredlinx, the leaders in Advanced Online Marketing in Australia. His inside knowledge of the rapidly changing online world make him a valuable source of information for anyone looking to maximise their Internet potential in the Real Estate sector.