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Digital and Big Data – What Do They Really Mean?THERE ARE TWO BROAD CONCEPTS which we need to understand to follow what’s occurring in real estate and other industries[…]Read More Big Data beyond AustraliaTHE GLOBAL REAL ESTATE market is just beginning to tap into the power of predictive analytics and other data-driven technology.[…]Read More Join the digital revolution and reap the benefits: Lisa ClaesYOU’D BE HARD PRESSED to interact with any major service provider these days without being presented with some kind of[…]Read More Creating Value in the Knowledge EconomyMatt Kuperholz is no stranger to all types of data. As PwC’s Chief Data Scientist, he was recently honoured by[…]Read More The Future – Property Management Round Table: Part 8As a finale to Transform PM 2016 our four PM Directors were joined by Charles Tarbey, Fiona Blayney, Chris Gray, Richard[…]Read More Technology – Property Management Round Table: Part 7As a finale to Transform PM 2016 our four PM Directors were joined by Richard Bray, Fiona Blayney, Chris Gray,[…]Read More 

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