How to Give Yourself A 78 Per Cent Better Chance of Achieving Your Income Goal In 2016

The New Year is traditionally a time for goal-setting to keep your business and your sales team on track for the year. And if you want a better chance at achieving your set goals, studies have proven that writing your goals down means you are 42 per cent more likely to achieve them. Better still, telling a friend what your goals are greatly increases this probability to 781 per cent!

You could even go one better than this, as most coaches will tell you that having your goals somewhere visible, where you can see them every day, again increases your chances of succeeding. And that is where your CRM system can help keep you accountable and on track for the year ahead.

“Seeing your goals right there in front of you each day can be a big motivator,” says Eddie Cetin, CEO of Agentbox. “That is why we have created some easy to use dashboards within Agentbox so that you can personally track appraisals, listings and sales versus the targets that you’ve set for yourself, or your principal has set for you. You can see different views of how you’re tracking against your goals or budget. Sales managers and business owners can also access this information for their team’s overall performance quickly and easily to see how the business is performing against target.”

How do you set goals for activities? Cetin says it’s about knowing what your personal ‘strike rate’ or percentage ratios are. If you can use your CRM to track these metrics you can then reverse engineer the types and numbers of activities you need to complete to hit your goals.

“If you can easily track your contacts, appraisals, listings and sales then you can also easily figure out the levels of activity you need to be completing to reach your goals. If the activity is not there, chances are the result won’t be there either,” says Cetin.

“Specifically, how many calls does it take for you to get an appraisal? How many appraisals turn into listings? Once you multiply these out by your average sale price and commission rate you can easily get an idea of how many contacts you need to make in the first place to reach your income goal.

“Then get those numbers into the system and track every contact you make. You need to nurture your database. That will not only keep your database up to date, which is another crucial factor for success, but it’s also going to motivate you to keep going when you need it most.”

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1 Dr Gail Matthews, Dominican University, California

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