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How to build trust and communicate to your network with Pancho Mehrotra

Pancho’s Bio

Pancho Mehrotra is the CEO of Frontier Performance and a recognized leading expert in the area of communication, influence and the psychology of selling. As Frontier’s principal and founder, Pancho brings considerable experience gained over 30 years of corporate sales success. He marries his passion for psychology with his business experience to help others achieve the results they want.

Lesson Highlights

This video is part of a series and covers

  • Tips on how to become resilient and how your body reacts towards negativity and resilience
  • 3 behaviors to stop negative reactions from your body
  • Being more in control of your thoughts
  • The best way to communicate with prospects and current clients – via technology or face to face?
  • Communication tips for agents to help build trust and rapport with people
  • How much of sales success is one’s psychology versus external influences 
  • Staying in the moment when you find yourself drifting: know your outcome and pay attention to the answer
  • Tips on how to develop and stop habits: understand the 3Rs of habit formation (Reminder, Routine and Reward)

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