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How tenants play a key role in rent roll growth: Brock Fisher

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54 min 47 sec

What You’ll Learn:

What do Google, jelly beans and tenants have in common in the world of property management?

If you answered the power of advocacy or word-of-mouth referrals, you’d be correct.

In this in-depth Transform 2020 coaching session, Kolmeo Head of Strategy and property management guru, Brock Fisher, knuckles down on explaining how you can grow your business organically through the untapped resources of your tenants.

Brock deep-dives into why property managers often overlook their tenants as a source of new business and what you can do to get your tenants raving about you.

He examines the impact you can create through inserting “moments of joy” into mundane processes such as routine inspections (that’s where the jelly beans come in) and how making pre-vacate calls can reduce your workload and make tenants happy.

Brock also explains how you can tell which clients to ask for referrals, and when and what you should and shouldn’t say to get you in more doors.

In this Transform lesson:

  • Brock’s career path in property management, including how he helped grow one rent roll by 3,000 properties in just one year.
  • How word-of-mouth referrals can help you grow your business organically.
  • Why a lot of property managers overlook tenants as an untapped resource for referrals.
  • Cost of acquisition – how to work out how much each new door is costing you to sign up.
  • The power of rewarding those clients who refer new business to you and how you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a big impact.
  • Take Brock’s 30-day property management challenge to boost your business.

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