How an Advertising Advance Could Boost Your Cashflow

Sometimes it’s difficult to get cashflow for your agency at the times that you really need it. If you are looking for a standby finance line or a working capital facility to fund your Vendor Paid Advertising then an Advertising Advance may be an option to consider.

Express Commission provides agencies with a fast and confidential solution, without loans, financials or hassles. No ‘bricks & mortar’ security is required.  If your Vendor Paid Advertising is to be paid from settlement proceeds, we can provide an Advertising Advance once the sale is unconditional. There are no upfront establishment fees or lock-in contracts. The fees are based on the amount advanced and the term and are paid on settlement.

The Advertising Advance facility is easily set up, with a one-time application and is then available to use as agency  principals  may like; principals determine when they might require the funding, which can happen any time after a contract has gone unconditional and prior to settlement. It is possible to have multiple Advertising Advances at any one time.

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