Harcourts Concierge Launched at National Conference

Harcourts Concierge is a free service offered to Harcourts clients which assists in three key ways – firstly by providing personal assistance to the client with any part of the transaction, secondly through providing extensive information on all aspects of real estate through the Harcourts Concierge website and finally by providing access to the varied relevant real estate services required throughout a property transaction including service connections and disconnections, conveyancing, home loans and insurance.

Through the concierge service, clients can arrange for necessities such as phone, internet and electricity to be connected or disconnected as needed, and are offered a wide range of essential legal and finance options.

The service is available to those who have bought, sold, leased or rented their property through Harcourts both in Australia and New Zealand.

Mike Green, Managing Director of Harcourts International, suggests that Harcourts Concierge will offer a higher level of service to all clients.

“At Harcourts, we are committed to providing our clients with a complete real estate service, and we believe that this service doesn’t stop with the buying or selling of property.

“Our aim is to offer a range of information and services to our clients that make buying, selling, leasing or renting property absolutely hassle free,” Mr Green said.

“We are confident that Harcourts Concierge will strengthen relationships with Harcourts’ clients that will ultimately boost the number of real estate transactions, as well as selling additional real estate related services,” Mr Green added.

Mr Green says that having a dedicated team solely focussed on working personally with Harcourts clients to ensure the entire process and transaction is seamless and allows each client to achieve their objective will ensure that Harcourts clients receive a unique and remarkable experience.

Services are offered through Harcourts partners including Harcourts Connect, Mortgage Express, Strand Conveyancing, Allianz Insurance and Insurance Express, amongst others.

For Further Information: Hillary Bell, Media Relations Officer, on 07 3868 7209

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