From rock bottom to rock star

Tristian Tomasino has won the coveted Josh Phegan’s changed agents award, winning $5,000 cash, a one day training session with Mr Phegan and $5,000 in advertising from Domain.

FROM rock bottom to rock star, Changed Agents Award winner Tristan Tomasino has experienced the full gamut of real estate ups and downs.

Not so long ago the Biggin & Scott Yarraville director was languishing with little business focus and no clear goals or career path.

In the 2013/2014 financial year he sold just 28 properties and only wrote $277,000 gross commission income.

Proving that a year can make a dramatic difference, Mr Tomasino finished the 2014/15 financial year with 55 sales, $576,000 gross commission income, a new attitude and a clear, focused business direction.

Mr Tomasino beat 39 entrants, including three other finalists, for the prestigious 2015 Changed Agents Award, which celebrates the changes industry leaders have made to dramatically boost their sales performance in just a year.

Four years ago, at just 23, Mr Tomasino started working for his dad, who was the Biggin & Scott Yarraville director.

But rather than go all in, he coasted along, often taking on handballed listings.

“When I started with Dad I got away with a lot, I’d work until 2pm and then I’d go surfing,” Mr Tomasino said.

“I didn’t have a clear path and purpose and didn’t know where I wanted to be in two, five or 10 years’ time.”

When his father was diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy and then throat cancer, Mr Tomasino was thrown in the deep end and had to take over the business.

Other hurdles, including a family falling out and a breakup with his girlfriend, were thrown at him too.

“I didn’t know if I wanted to take it all on and I was afraid of failing,” he said.

“I had a lot of things happen to me and I used those as excuses to do what I wanted.

“I was out partying and there was no sacrifice from me.”

The decision to change and go “all in” came while sitting on the couch with his sick father watching Schindler’s List.

“Another big thing that hit home was a talk with Mum,” Mr Tomasino said.

“She sat me down and said ‘we’re concerned for you, you have no commitment with work and you’re going out a lot. You’re going to burn out’.

“That was the turning point when I thought I need to step up and go all in because I had an amazing opportunity to do something special.”

Mr Tomasino sought help from high performance real estate speaker, trainer and coach Josh Phegan and flew to Sydney to meet top agents, including Richardson & Wrench Elizabeth Bay director Jason Boon.

“He told me I needed to become a rock star in my area, but that no one was going to do it for me and I had to do it myself,” he said.

Mr Tomasino started to focus on building relationships with people, he implemented video marketing and made making just listed and just sold phone calls a priority.

He also used innovative techniques, such as dressing up as Easter Bunny to hand out eggs to the public and clients’ children, to get his name known.

“People need to see you as a human being in the community, not just as a real estate agent,” Mr Tomasino said.

Another key change was keeping track of not only his sales, but also number of phone calls, connections, appointments, listing presentations and listings.

Launched in 2013, Mr Phegan said the award recognised the agents that had “gone from zero to hero” in less than a year.

He said the finalists in the award had 15 minutes at the Real Estate BluePrint Conference in Sydney to present their stories before peers judged the winner.

“It would have been a hard decision as the finalists were nothing short of exceptional,” Mr Phegan said.

“Each finalist had a dramatic story of how they had made major changes on the inside of their business to achieve outstanding results.

“All had implemented techniques we had learnt in training to reach high levels of success.”

Mr Tomasino said he was pleased other agents had been able to take elements away from his presentation to implement in their business.

He said this financial year he hoped to reach $800,000 GCI and would not rest on his laurels but would continue to lead and support his young, dynamic team.

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