Former Real Estate Agent helps the homeless

Charitable organisation, Heart for the Homeless, reveals that it has rescued an estimated $52,000 worth of unwanted food, clothing and furniture from 370 houses in 2013.

“We’ve rescued approximately 13 tonnes of unwanted or unloved items nationwide in the last eight months,” said Leighton Walters, former real estate agent and founder of Heart for the Homeless.

Heart for the Homeless“This equates to approximately $52,000 in resources, which has since been donated to those less fortunate in our community.”

According to Mr Walters, homelessness is an important issue concerning all Australians.

“With over 105,000 people finding themselves homeless every night, the stereotype of the old male wino has been joined by many other faces of homelessness, including those of women and children.”

Indeed, according to data by Homelessness Australia, 44% of homeless people are women and 17% of homeless are under the age of 18 years.

“High rents in urban areas and the rising cost of living is contributing to more people living on the streets each year,” said Mr Walters.

“Our organisation is a way that ordinary Australians can pay-it-forward when they move house.”

Mr Walters defined Heart for the Homeless as a one-stop assistance program for people who are looking to get rid of their old furniture and clothes but don’t have the time or money to properly dispose of it.

“Around 79,000 people move home every week and often people leave unwanted items dumped on the side of the road or at the tip.

“Rather than throwing away their disused or un-loved clothes and furniture, we are encouraging all tenants and homeowners to think about donating their unwanted goods to someone less fortunate in the community through our organisation,” said Mr Walters.

“Essentially, we want to give meaning to the mundane task of getting rid of unwanted goods.”

Mr Walters added that people either downsizing to a smaller home or relocating overseas usually have the most to contribute.

“We understand that moving home is a stressful time and through our close relationships with Salvos Stores, Family Stores and the Salvation Army, we make it easy to get rid of your stuff,” said Mr Walters.

“Our charity partners will call to arrange the collection of usable resources and will pick up the unwanted goods from your home, free of charge.”

To help raise awareness to the Heart for the Homeless cause, Mr Walters revealed that the Heart for the Homeless team participated in the 2013 Sun Herald City2Surf on Sunday, 11th August 2013.

“Our team carried the 1.5 metre by 1.5 metre ‘Heart for the Homeless House’ all the way along the 14 km course from Hyde Park to Bondi Beach.

“Just like the Disney movie, UP, the Heart for the Homeless House was supported by a cloud of balloons and made for an amazing sight amongst the sea of runners.”

Mr Walters added, “We are very proud to be promoting such a worthy cause and would welcome anyone who would like to donate goods or participate in supporting the homeless, to contact us.”

If you wish to donate goods or finances to Heart for the Homeless, visit the Heart for the Homeless website at www.heartforthehomeless.org or contact the team on info@heartforthehomeless.org

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