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A fit body and a clear mind lead to virtually no sick days, and the ability to continue performing at a high level for many years. Tony Nash, Principal of Remax Sunshine Coast, gives his opinion.

Bringing a good energy and a clear mind to the workplace, and the ability to be able to work smart not long is really what leads to high productivity.

I always remember someone saying to me “people don’t wish on their death bed that they spent more time at work, they often wish though that they did things that were more important like spending time with friends and family”.

I truly believe that it’s not the time that you are work that counts; it is what you do at work that really matters. Bringing a positive energy and a clear mind to the workplace and to be able to work smarter hours rather than longerhours is what really leads to high productivity. And I believe, at 62 years young, that I am living proof of that.

I have always adopted a practice of going to work half and hour early every day and going home half an hour later than most and creating a pocket of time each day of 90 minutes which I call “my own time”. Over the years, I have blocked this time out, and have ensured that my business works around me. As the owner of the business, this may sound a little strange; but having set these boundaries I have found of the years that amazingly, very few people get upset about not being able to see me or contact me during that time.

What happens during this time? Usually I meet with a group of like-minded business professionals who also understand that having a break from the stresses of a busy schedule is as important as the busy schedule itself.They are a mix of Doctors, Real Estate Agents, and Business owners who meet at pre determined Locations five days a week for 60 minutes of intensive physical training. Our group in particular has become firm friends and enjoys the competitiveness and the good-natured bantering that comes with such a common interest.

More recently we have also committed to a couple of Personal Trainers on two days per week, which benefits the group as we get a much better deal than we would if we were to pay for the training as individuals. Having a trainer keeps the motivation levels up, and keeps us on track with our own personal goals.

The days that we don’t have the assistance of the personal trainers, we meet at the gym, and we actually take turns at training each other. This generally involves bringing a program of exercises to the day where the writer of the program becomes the leader or as it were the personal trainer for the session. On other days it could be swimming, running or mountain bike riding in a nearby National Park.

We also compete in various different events, and at any point in time we may also be training for a triathlon, a mountain bike competition, a marathon or an Anaconda meet. If we have an event coming up, the intensive training is tilted towards getting prepared for that challenge.

Last year, I competed in an 11km off shore ocean swim for a local charity, the full Noosa Tri and was a team member in a 24hour single track Mountain bike meet. At present some of the members of the group (and myself) are training for an Individual 10 hour Mountain endurance meet in Casino and the Mooloolaba Triathlon in March.

After we have finished our daily training session, a quick shower and some lunch sees me back in the office, ready to take on the afternoon with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. The endorphins (or the bodies natural feel good drug) are flowing and the stress levels have been wound back to zero.

I believe that breaking the day into “two” creates urgency and focus, and it is a well-known fact that if you want to get a job done you should give the job to a busy person. And I choose to be a busy person, but only in a productive way!

Yes, I take 90 minutes out in the middle of the day, as my own time to clear my head and work on my fitness, but believe me; nothing “slips through the cracks”.

Around my training time, I only schedule “dollar-productive” activities, such as prospecting, listing, negotiating, and organising contracts. I delegate anything that can be done, usually more efficiently, by someone else wherever possible. There is a big difference between having a “to-do” list that is endless, and a “things that need to get done list”, which is much more succinct and relevant to the successful running of my business.

For people that say they can’t take time out to go to the gym, or spend more time with family, because of their work commitments, I believe they should make a really honest evaluation of the tasks that fill up their day and set some priorities. It really is about being more productive by working smarter, and not longer.

Tony Nash has been a Real Estate Professional for 17 years. A partner and co-founder of RE/MAX Property Associates on the Sunshine Coast for 10 years, Tony assumed the role as CEO 4 years ago. Tony has achieved the prestigious RE/MAX International Hall of Fame for Sales as well as Regional Awards for Excellence. He is also the chairman of the Board for My Property Preview (visit mypropertypreview.com.au for more information).

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