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Do more, use less

Reducing overheads is on every business’ wish list, but rather than focusing on big ticket items, EFEX Director Andrew Herrmann says agencies can save a packet just through saving on some of the little things.

The current market shift has prompted the consistent asking of a question that sounds as though it contradicts itself.

‘How can I reduce printing and photocopying costs when agents need to print and be more active in the market than ever before?’

These are my top tips for reducing overheads while increasing go-to marketing collateral.

Reduce wastage

Not only is this good for the hip pocket but also for the environment.

Look at implementing a swipe or pin release on office machines.

This will reduce the accidental/mistake prints and reduce those left on the printer that end up in the bin.

Additionally, this will add another layer of security to your printing.

Set your default settings

A really simple way to reduce cost is to have all of your printers set to print in black and white as a default.

Too often we print an email or invoice with a small amount of colour that we are charged a full colour page for.

Also set your default settings to print double-sided. This will halve the amount of paper purchased.

Stop the manual data entry

When auditing agency offices we often see staff printing a document in order to enter it into a CRM system or similar.

The simple fix is to allow staff to have two screens on their desk.

The best option available today is software with the ability to take data from a page and automatically upload it into your system.

This reduces printing and allows staff to focus on more dollar-productive tasks.


The best way to reduce costs is to conduct an audit of your photocopier and printer fleet.

There can be huge savings found in simply ensuring you have the right set-up and agreement for the way you conduct business.

This could reduce costs by more than 25 per cent.

If this was something you were keen to look at please don’t hesitate to reach out as I would be happy to assist.

Hopefully these tips will help you reduce unnecessary costs associated with printing in your business.

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Andrew Herrmann

Andrew Herrmann is the Director of EFEX, having started his career in the world of real estate before moving into managed technology. Through his real estate and technology experience, Andrew has been able to help agencies save money and improve office efficiency. For more information visit efex.com.au.