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Designing Staff incentives for growth with Ewan Morton

Ewan’s Bio

Ewan Morton began his career working for an international corporate leader in Australia before taking an overseas posting in commercial sales and property marketing which provided him with a breadth of international experience and exposure to international clients.An entrepreneurial spirit and desire to return to home shores brought Ewan back to Sydney where he and his father, real estate industry veteran Mark Morton, decided to combine their talents and experience to establish Morton & Morton in 1996.Now called Morton, the business has grown to comprise award-winning residential sales, property management and building management teams, with a committed staff of 75 employees across six central-Sydney locations

Lesson Highlights

This video is part of a series and covers

  • How Ewan started his business and its growth over time
  • The mantra: right roles, right people, and right direction
  • His business values: easy to choose hard to live
  • It’s all about purpose
  • Self-interest versus common interest: as a leader you should have a  common interest that serves somebody’s self-interest.
  • Principal vs agent, profit vs revenue: principals are invented by profits, while people are enchanted by revenue.
  • Poaching in real estate
  • Being authentic and approachable
  • The trust equation vs the power equation.

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