Corey Hamilton’s working on his own terms with Hamilton Haus

Corey Hamilton has always liked the idea of working outside the traditional office 9-5.

It’s what drew him to real estate in the first place.

Now Corey has combined that love, along with his passion for property opportunities in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven region to start his own agency with the support of UrbanX.  

When discussing what enticed him to build his own business, Corey said he had previously held frustrations with the notion that you can “carbon copy agents and get the same results”, which he has proven to not be true. 

“I feel people shop people, not brand,” he says.

“It was evident in conversations I’ve held with clients over the years that weren’t ever fussed on the associated brand as much as they were the person standing in their living room every week during the sales process.”

And to Corey, the support of UrbanX in making this shift happen has been “an absolute lifeline”.

“UrbanX know this stuff top to bottom and back to front,” he says.

“They’ve led me along the whole journey with incredible knowledge and efficiency, all the while listening to what’s most important to me to help shape the brand.

“UrbanX allows you to build your own brand using their support methods. They help you to set up your own show and are there for support or advice at every turn if, and when, needed.”

Corey says he wanted his branding to represent him, his selling style and how he would like to be perceived.

“I’ll be the only one in my core area with my name attached to the business, and that means I’ll be working harder than anybody to ensure my personal brand, as well as my business brand, will retain the respect and dignity and perception I have worked so hard to maintain,” he says.

Despite having the fears about going out on his own, Corey says, “the support I’ve received from clients, friends, family and UrbanX since starting this journey has been overwhelming to say the least and that provides a sense of security that I’m on the right path”.

So, what is Corey most excited about for the future of his business?

“I’m most excited about being able to provide a tailored service experience to my clients, providing advice, options, and solutions tailored to clients’ needs rather than the operational rules you might otherwise see amongst the franchise operators.”

Corey’s advice to other agents thinking about building their own business is to “be true to yourself, know what you want and don’t let anybody plant seeds of doubt”.

UrbanX is excited to be working alongside Corey, continue supporting his impressive growth and building his brand, Hamilton Haus. 

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