Close more sales with Deposit Power’s Home Equity Deposit Guarantee

Are your clients asset rich but cash poor? If the answer is yes, Deposit Power can help set you apart from the crowd by giving them the freedom to purchase their dream property today. Agents need to provide a high level of service in order to maintain the loyalty and trust of their home buyers. The most successful representatives go beyond the basics of buying and selling a home and look for ways to simplify and speed up the sales process, which in turn allows them to sell more properties. This often means they will be required to assist clients with financing solutions. With Deposit Power’s new Home Equity Deposit Guarantee option, agents are one step closer to helping their buyers secure their property quickly and easily. Potential buyers with established equity in their home may now access a deposit guarantee without the delay of waiting for their loan to be approved.

“Our customers were looking for a more flexible alternative for their clients,” says Deposit Power’s General Manager, Keith Levy. “We had real estate agents, mortgage brokers and conveyancers with customers who were asset rich but who were waiting on their loans to be approved or their houses to be sold.”

With Deposit Power’s Home Equity Deposit Guarantee option, a deposit guarantee can be issued for up to 10 per cent of the purchase price on residential homes and investment properties, depending on the amount of equity a buyer has in their existing property, with a maximum settlement term of six months.

“The aim is to make the home-buying process easier and faster for people who need an immediate deposit. The Home Equity Deposit Guarantee option gives buyers the freedom to purchase and provides a functional way for agents to sell more properties and close sales quickly. “Agents with this information and the product at hand can provide their clients with a complete sales solution. They are able to offer a flexible finance alternative, allowing their clients to secure their property on the spot,” Levy adds.

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