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Client survey masterclass with Brock Fisher

Video Length

56 min 45sec

What You’ll Learn:

  • Brock’s decade of experience in client surveys and how it betters his relationship with his clients
  • How to utilise market research to enhance your business functions and processes
  • How the data and trends collected over a series of surveys proves more value than an annual survey
  • Why you should consolidate your databases and implement a data management plan for your CRM systems
  • Easy and Fast: The easier and faster a survey is, the higher response rate and collection of data will be achieved
  • How a friendly follow-up reminder is the ping the surveryee needs
  • How to successfully measure smaller quantities of surveys using ‘rolling averages’
  • Effective measuring systems and how to understand your methods using NPS, CSAT and CES
  • Evolving to a touchpoint surveying system: new business, new lease, maintenance, routine inspection and vacating
  • Why effectively providing a closed circuit of feedback from the survey will minimise any out-pour to pubic forums

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