You've heard about ChatGPT and maybe even had a dabble. Now it's time to make it work for you to save you time and money - and win you more customers!

Full Day Accelerated Workshop

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I've spoken to a few people today, and my comment was "I can't remember the last time I learned so many new things in a day that I was able to immediately understand, implement and use. I LOVED the content, delivery and he flexibility of the way it ran..."
Candice Whinnett - Director
"The depth of knowledge, practical insights and engaging discussions offered throughout the course were fantastic, I really felt the hands on aspect of the course made a huge difference rather than just hearing about AI."
Jaime Allen -Team Manager

Locations and dates:

We're coming to a city near you: So bring your laptop along we're going to get practical (and have some fun, too!)

Brisbane, 15th August


Marriott Hotel, Brisbane City

Perth, 24th August


Fraser Suites, Kings Park

Melbourne, 29th August


REA Group HQ, Richmond

Sydney, 31st August


Christie Spaces North Sydney

Coming up with consistent content that wins clients to be hard. Now, it's easy.

This course is for sales, PMs and leaders - from strategy to execution we will show how to leverage ChatGPT in real estate to save you time and money (and win more business)

Work smarter and faster

Tools like Google Bard and ChatGPT are not going anywhere, and they are designed to make you more efficient. We'll show you how to incorporate them into your marketing strategy

Know what to use, when

We'll show you six types of AI prompts and when the best time to use each is. We'll also give you a head start with prompts we've tested and we know work, and when to use them.

Get in front!

Free tools like ChatGPT can do much more than just give you ideas and first drafts. They put you in front of your competition by putting you in your customers shoes to solve their pain points.

What an incredible day in Brisbane. Mind blown! Picture spending time with someone whose passion for AI and ChatGPT knows no bounds - that's Samantha McLean. Imagine a day devoted entirely to exploring the use of ChatGPT in the real estate industry, sharing tips and tricks tailored specifically to our field - that's what this course offers. Sam's enthusiasm is contagious, and her insights are invaluable. Don't risk falling behind. Soak up Sam's expertise on ChatGPT and its application for our real estate industry. The rewards for doing so will be substantial. Thanks Sam!!!!
Grant Turner - Sales & Leasing

Meet your Facilitator: Samantha McLean

Samantha is the co-founder of Elite Agent and the popular blog AI Powered Agents, so has spent the last 10 years creating content that engages audiences.

She is a three time winner of the Mumbrella Publish Business Editor of the year, and has led Elite Agent to win Business Magazine of the year twice.

Sam knows audience building better than most as she has built Elite Agent from the ground up. Not by buying lists or copious amounts of advertising - most of it has been organic.

The only thing she says she now wishes - is that ChatGPT had been around 10 years ago.

Attend this workshop and learn the secrets she would use to build Elite Agent all over again - and use them to capture the attention of your target market.

It's an action-packed full day to get you back to the office getting immediate results



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The real time learning in this every changing space were not only inspiring and thought-provoking but makes me excited to see where the future is taking us! If you haven’t already booked your tickets to Sam’s Australia wide tour you really need to add this one to the list!!
Sandy Lower - Director
Q State Properties
"What the prompt! Had a brain exploding day learning from the amazing Samantha McLean about all things AI..."
Samara Bedwell - Director
Macwell Property
"Great Day! Samantha McLean your FULL of great content I could listen to you all day every day for a month your tools are invaluable if brave and bold enough to implement.."
Beau Miller - Director
Beautique Property
I’ve been using ChatGPT for ideas, doing listing write ups, writing ‘soft tone’ letters. I’ve talked to everyone in my office and they are very impressed to see me adapt to this change..."
Leisa Le - Director
Agents, PMs and Leaders: Are you ready to revolutionise your real estate marketing? From strategy to execution, we will show you how to use new tools like ChatGPT to effortlessly create content that converts to customers. Check out these “teaser” videos below.