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Changing your mindset with Alex Ouwens

Video Length

27 minutes 17 seconds

What You’ll Learn:

“If I can change and you can change, everybody can change.” That’s a memorable line from Rocky Balboa, who Alex Ouwens often quotes during his motivational team meetings. 

As we guide ourselves through the COVID-19 pandemic, we learn to change our conversations with clients, and change the process in which we work day-to-day. 

Alex shares tips on how to develop good habits if your stuck in a COVID-19 slump and how to structure your day so you achieve your daily goals. 

In this webinar, Alex Ouwens discusses:

  • Why now is the time for real estate agents to reconnect with past vendors and buyers
  • The conversations Ouwens Casserly agents are having during COVID-19
  • Going back to basics and nurturing the process of building relationships with clients
  • Building a framework and routine that creates daily habits in line with your goals 
  • Why writing down your ‘non-negotiables’ in the morning will provide you with a clear path forward throughout the day
  • Time to rejuvenate – How to create a positive and productive based mindset ahead of COVID-19

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