Elite Agent ProHow to Lead a Winning Team in 2018

Building a successful EBU from Scratch with Nick Boyd

Nick’s Bio

Nick Boyd is one of the ‘quieter’ and behind-the-scenes coaches of the real estate industry, as well as being trainer to some of the elite real estate agents and brands.

His one-on-one coaching amounts to over 7,500 hours with high-performance real estate salespeople and principals around the country. Nick focuses on building both inner and outer wealth for his clients, with his number one client growing his sales business to nearly $6m in three short years.

Lesson Highlights

This video is part of a series and covers

  • How Nick was introduced to the concept of building the right team.
  • How you start to build an Effective Business Unit
  • Timing based on planning not just activity: workflow consistency, established systems, set performance targets, a 12-month pipeline.
  • Direction: Understand what makes you money and what saves you money
  • The primary role of an EBU
  • How to structure support wages: Administration is salary based, associate is salary + team profit %
  • Setting the tempo right and early on
  • Resetting your personal activity calendar

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