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Beating ‘the interceptors’ with Lisa B

Lisa’s Bio

Lisa B is the founder of the Real Estate Hotline and the manager of the Facebook group, Let’s Talk About Real Estate. She has had a successful career in real estate for more than 20 years and now specialises in digital marketing, helping agents to beat the interceptors and dominate in their local areas.

Lesson Highlights

This video is part of a series and covers

  • What interceptors are and how they’re affecting your business
  • List of real estate agents comparison platforms or interceptors
  • To beat interceptors you must have a ranking strategy on Google, build your online profile, have a detailed marketing plan and build your credibility and authority online.
  • Building your online brand using various social media platforms
  • Focusing on what you own in order to beat interceptors
  • Setting up Google My Business page for your business, and how to optimize it to rank higher on Google 1st page, and how to create Ads on that page
  • Strategies for dominating the online and offline with property management
  • How to promote and build your Facebook business page
  • Digital marketing techniques to adopt when new in the industry or transferring companies
  • Choosing and working with industry experts in your network who could have the clients before you.
  • Influencer marketing and how you can use it in the real estate industry.
  • Using video marketing effectively in real estate to win prospects
  • How to start all over again as a real estate sales agent to dominate your local area.
  • Standing out as a new business when competing with large franchised businesses.
  • How to get your personal information off the old company website after leaving.
  • Favorite social media platform for Lisa B and why

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