Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones is the CEO of Buxton Real Estate.
  • Advances in technology shape every aspect of our daily lives, from smart kitchen appliances to the implementation of 5G. Conversations have turned from how Augmented Reality (AR) will impact society to how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will revolutionise life as we know it, even the real estate market, and it’s going to happen sooner than you think. Already we see huge…

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  • It’s not often that you will see a leadership team in a company comprising of most members under 50, unless the company has been founded by people below this age. However, for older companies that have a long history of having a team of ‘senior’ leaders, it can be challenging for them to accept younger generations into leadership positions. This…

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  • Being a CEO comes with a busier schedule than most, but there’s nothing more important than being accessible to both your staff and clients – even if there are over 400 of them. Having staff and customers who view you as an approachable CEO is extremely pertinent. It can translate to staff being friendly to clients and the overall company…

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