Andrew Herrmann

Andrew Herrmann is the Director of EFEX, having started his career in the world of real estate before moving into managed technology. Through his real estate and technology experience, Andrew has been able to help agencies save money and improve office efficiency. For more information visit
  • It’s that time of year again; the holiday break is a distant memory and our focus shifts to hustling hard and chasing sales targets. But there’s no point focusing on your goals if the things surrounding you in your business are holding you back. Having your tech audited and analysed early in the year can not only save you a…

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  • It’s that time of year when we find ourselves looking at what we can do to improve our output and productivity moving into the new year, or maybe we are thinking of getting ourselves a Christmas present. Either way, it’s a good excuse to look at some nice bright and shiny toys. One of the main questions we are asked in…

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  • As real estate owners, directors, principals and salespeople we have a lot on our plates – not only overseeing the day-to-day operation of a business, but also listing and selling property which, ultimately, is the most important part. One of the last things we need is to deal with an old PC, laptop or server crashing when we’re in the middle…

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